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  • Olivia’s 17th Birthday

    Olivia’s 17th Birthday


    The one upside of having nowhere to ski this holiday break was spending Olivia’s birthday at home. This is perhaps the first time in her life she was able to celebrate with her friends on her actual birthday. Last year we went to Che Fico in SF with my mom and Jen. This year, we…

  • Christmas in Palm Springs with the Parks

    Christmas in Palm Springs with the Parks


    Grace’s mom wanted to do something “warm” for our Christmas gathering with the Park families (Charles’ parents, too). We spent several days at La Quinta, which was a first for all of us. The pouring rain on day one washed out our golf plans, but we managed to get a couple rounds elsewhere, including Indian…

  • Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023

    Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023


    We spent most of Thanksgiving week in NYC and had great times with family and friends. Highlights: Dinner at Cote with my mom and Jen. Almost as good as the first time we went, but still amazing. Ran into two groups of friends Met up with Jeanah, Zoe and Jinny and her girls. Bummed I…

  • First Visit to Seattle

    First Visit to Seattle


    The kids had a long weekend, so we went up to Seattle for a quick trip explore the city and visit UW. Besides Grace, this was our first time visiting Seattle (it has long been on my list). Everyone we saw told us how lucky we were about the weather, which is suspicious because it…

  • Full House with Yoons and Haus at Michigan Grandma’s

    Full House with Yoons and Haus at Michigan Grandma’s


    We haven’t seen my mom since the holidays, so it was extra special to visit her before camp. Jen and Blue completed the Rhees. My mom is loving life in her new home and community. Growing up, our best family friends were the Yoons. Our moms worked together for several decades at Beaumont, but knew…

  • Summer Travel: NYC

    Summer Travel: NYC


    We finished up this trip with a few days in Manhattan. We stayed at the Essex House on Central Park South, which is where we stayed all the time when the kids were little. We brought Dave down to his place near Greenwich Village and coincidentally the only parking spot we could find was in…

  • Olivia’s 16th Birthday

    Olivia’s 16th Birthday


    We celebrated this sweet 16-year-old at home this year, which is rare as we’re usually traveling somewhere. It’s hard to imagine that Olivia would need anything just a few days after Christmas, but her generous family always sends  her such thoughtful gifts. It was extra special to have my mom, aunt Jen and Blue here to…

  • Beaver Creek with Grandma and Aunt Jen

    Beaver Creek with Grandma and Aunt Jen


    The kids got out of school early this year, so we decided to go on our annual ski trip before the holidays. Even though they weren’t going to ski, we asked my mom and Jen (and Blue) to join us to experience mountain life for a week. To keep things familiar, we went back to…

  • Thanksgiving in NY – 2022

    Thanksgiving in NY – 2022


    Last year, we attempted to spend the Christmas holiday in NYC and Rye, but we abandoned our plans midway through the week. Things are thankfully different this year, so our Park Thanksgiving was again planned for Addy and Charles’s house.  Like last year, we spent the front end of our trip in Manhattan. We didn’t…

  • Cousin Seock-Ah Visits

    Cousin Seock-Ah Visits


    Seock-Ah and her husband visited us for dinner while she was in town for work and while visiting their daughter who was studying at Berkeley.

  • Winchester Mystery House with Marisa

    Winchester Mystery House with Marisa


    After decades of living here, we finally experienced the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose with Marisa while she was visiting CA.

  • Christmas Day at Home

    Christmas Day at Home


    We came home early from New York City and spent Christmas at home alone (with Luna). The kids were excited to open all of the presents that were under the tree, as they originally wouldn’t have been able to open them until after we returned from Colorado in January. Thanks to all our family for…