Golden Gate Bridge with Elin

Elin returned to stay with us for a few months this Fall while we look our new au pair. We stopped at the Golden Gate on the way to Tiburon to visit the Moons for the day. I dropped them off on the south side of the bridge so they could all walk across. I drove to the other side and met them in the middle.

Somehow Lucas, Olivia and I started singing 100 bottles of beers on the wall and I lost my voice by the time we finished.

Walking across the bridge was a first for us.

Ala’s Last Day With Us

Ala’s year as our au pair with us went by so quickly. We all learned so much from the experience and we enjoyed trying new home-cooked Polish food. Saying farewell is always hard, but one thing Lucas and Olivia learned from our experience with Elin is that it’s never goodbye, but see you again soon.

We wish Ala well and look forward to our next reunion.