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  • U of M Ski Trip to Vail – 2024

    U of M Ski Trip to Vail – 2024


    Had another super fun trip to Vail with the Michigan crew. We were missing a few team members, but those who made it went as hard as they could, which means slow and steady. The snow was great and we covered the entire mountain. Durbin and Allard finally broke their winning streak. I’m not sure…

  • Long Weekend in Tahoe

    Long Weekend in Tahoe


    Our ski season is off to a slow start. There wasn’t anywhere worth going during the holiday break, so we enjoyed some down time at home with Luna. Thankfully we finally got some snow last week so we headed up to Northstar for the weekend. I saw that Brian and Juliet were up there and…

  • Christmas in Palm Springs with the Parks

    Christmas in Palm Springs with the Parks


    Grace’s mom wanted to do something “warm” for our Christmas gathering with the Park families (Charles’ parents, too). We spent several days at La Quinta, which was a first for all of us. The pouring rain on day one washed out our golf plans, but we managed to get a couple rounds elsewhere, including Indian…

  • Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023

    Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023


    We spent most of Thanksgiving week in NYC and had great times with family and friends. Highlights: Dinner at Cote with my mom and Jen. Almost as good as the first time we went, but still amazing. Ran into two groups of friends Met up with Jeanah, Zoe and Jinny and her girls. Bummed I…

  • East Coast College Touring

    East Coast College Touring


    We explored a few new cities/college towns while we were on the east coast before Thanksgiving. We enjoyed all of them and the campuses were impressive in their own way. The highlight was a too-brief lunch with the Milano-Sessines in New Haven.

  • First Visit to Seattle

    First Visit to Seattle


    The kids had a long weekend, so we went up to Seattle for a quick trip explore the city and visit UW. Besides Grace, this was our first time visiting Seattle (it has long been on my list). Everyone we saw told us how lucky we were about the weather, which is suspicious because it…

  • End of Summer Trip to Napa with Lees

    End of Summer Trip to Napa with Lees


    We didn’t see the Lees much this summer, so we planned a trip to celebrate the end of summer together. Napa is close and we’ve been to Carneros Resort with them a couple times before. Mike and Amy and other friends were also up at their home, so we joined forces for dinner over there…

  • Albert’s 50th in Lake Tahoe

    Albert’s 50th in Lake Tahoe


    Mike hosted Albert’s BFFs for an early 50th birthday celebration at his home in Tahoe. I haven’t known Al as long as his other buddies, so I was honored to be in included. We played golf at Northstar, Gray’s Crossing and Coyote Moon. It’s unclear if the golf itself or devising a game for 7…

  • Golfapalooza in Northern Michigan

    Golfapalooza in Northern Michigan


    Bobby brought his kids to camp for the first time, which meant he was able to join our annual golf trip after dropping the kids off. He happened to catch us as Grace is particularly obsessed with golf. We played Sunday through Tuesday at Arcadia Bluffs. Wednesday, we were supposed to take the day off,…

  • Summer Travel: Chicago College Tours

    Summer Travel: Chicago College Tours


    We’re technically on our annual summer trip to Michigan. However, while we were nearby, we took a quick day-and-a-half trip to Chicago to see a couple schools. It was a fairly easy drive (for the passengers). Despite my dad’s history at University of Chicago, this was really the first time both Grace and I visited…

  • Summer Travel: Boston, Newport and Providence

    Summer Travel: Boston, Newport and Providence


    Olivia’s summer schedule is packed and includes a couple weeks at Brown summer school. We made a family trip out of her drop-off, which was the first time the kids have visited Boston and New England in general. We visited a few schools and ate our way through the city as we are known to…

  • Summer Travel: Paso Robles

    Summer Travel: Paso Robles


    Olivia has always had a love of animals. Through her school, she learned about Conservation Amassadors, which is a wild and exotic animal rescue. She spent last week interning there for six days and had an amazing experience. One challenge of gaining this experience is that they’re located down in Paso Robles, about three hours…