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First Visit to Seattle


The kids had a long weekend, so we went up to Seattle for a quick trip explore the city and visit UW. Besides Grace, this was our first time visiting Seattle (it has long been on my list).

Everyone we saw told us how lucky we were about the weather, which is suspicious because it was in the 40s and bone chillingly cold. The clear skies were very welcome and thanks to my buddy Craig, who gave us the inside scoop to visit Columbia Tower next to our hotel instead of the Space Needle. We could see the beauty of all of Seattle from up there and Lucas was especially impressed.

Cameron is a first year at UW and randomly ran into us on our tour. All of us thought the campus was very beautiful. We had dinner with Charles, who was also in town, along with Grace’s cousins, Eugenia and Christine and their families.

We went for a short visit to Pike’s Place Market, which was fun to see in action. There were long lines for most worthy attractions, but we didn’t have time for them. I’m sure we’ll come back again sometime – hopefully for a Michigan football game.