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  • Lucas’s 15th Birthday

    Lucas’s 15th Birthday


    Happy 15th Birthday, Lucas. Sorry you had to spend your birthday leading parent-teacher conferences and being under the weather. Looking forward to celebrating more with you and your friends. We love you! What are the chances he’ll need AirPods for his birthday next year?

  • First Day of School – 2023

    First Day of School – 2023


    First day of school for Olivia (11th) and Lucas (9th). It’s hard to believe we have two high-schoolers! It’s also bittersweet that Liv will be driving them both to school. We had a parent social at school so we walked Lucas all the way in and Grace gave him a big kiss goodbye inside the…

  • Lucas’s 8th Grade Graduation

    Lucas’s 8th Grade Graduation


    Yesterday, Lucas and his classmates completed 8th grade and graduated from middle school. We had a full day of celebrations for the kids and adults to mark this amazing milestone. Each student delivers a 100-word speech along with honoring and introducing a classmate, chosen at random. It’s as touching to hear what they have to…

  • Lucas’s 8th Grade Recital Project

    Lucas’s 8th Grade Recital Project


    Lucas may or may not have stayed up almost all night to finish his recital project. He asked for a 4:30am wakeup and missed school to put on the final touches.

  • Lucas’s 14th Birthday

    Lucas’s 14th Birthday


    Lucas turned 14 on Tuesday. We’re already missing the little boy in him, but teen Lucas isn’t too bad (most of the time). We celebrated as a family with dinner and opening cards and presents from family. This weekend, he invited several of his school friends to celebrate with him at Pinstripes and at home.…

  • Lucas’s 13th Birthday Party

    Lucas’s 13th Birthday Party


    Lucas had a small birthday party with some friends from school. He wanted to do VR at Sandbox, which only allows 6 participants. Afterwards, the kids came over for dinner (Delfina, his favorite) and hanging out. Lucas also received generous presents from his family. Happy Birthday, Lucas! We love you.

  • Lucas’s 12th Birthday

    Lucas’s 12th Birthday


    Lucas turned 12 today. All-in-all, he’s taken COVID-19 in stride and his birthday is no different. We celebrated with our pod-mates, the Lees, at All Spice in San Mateo. I had no idea they served brunch, but it was one of the tastiest meals we’ve had in the area, pandemic or otherwise. He only had…

  • Skiing Double Black Diamonds with Lucas


    View this post on Instagram The bad news is that Olivia got a cold for her birthday (in addition to many generous gifts). She is resting. The good news is that Lucas started 2020 with some double black diamond runs and a growth mindset. We had a great day together. A post shared by Jason…

  • Shannon Messenger Book Event


    View this post on Instagram Lucas and I went to go see his favorite author, Shannon Messenger, speak yesterday. He told her he’s read all her books five times, which made her so happy. What a thrill for him. Olivia wanted to go, too, but kept her prior commitment. @sw_messenger #keeperofthelostcities A post shared by…

  • Lucas’s 11th Birthday

    Lucas’s 11th Birthday


    Lucas turned 11 on November 1st. We had a family dinner at Benihana and he invited a couple of new school friends from the neighborhood. They are super sweet and polite kids. We opened our family presents and cards at home afterwards. Grace and I usually don’t buy the kids presents because they get so…

  • Father-son golf beats Michigan football any day


    View this post on Instagram Father-son golf beats Michigan football any day. #saturday A post shared by Jason Rhee (@jasonrhee) on Oct 26, 2019 at 6:15pm PDT

  • First Day at The Nueva School


    View this post on Instagram New school and new beginnings for both Olivia and Lucas. We hope the anxiety of the transition turns quickly into excitement for the opportunity. Most importantly, may they make fast friends and have fun. A post shared by Jason Rhee (@jasonrhee) on Aug 26, 2019 at 10:48am PDT