Christine & Jin’s Wedding Weekend

On Friday, November 14th, Grace and I took a morning flight to Washington DC to attend Christine and Jin’s wedding. I used to fly to Washington National (Reagan) weekly during my consulting days, but it has been almost 20 years since then. Upon our arrival, we went straight to Jea and Eddie’s house. Ana, Bobby, Caden and Colin had just pulled in from NJ.

All of the adults and Colin headed over to the rehearsal dinner, where the celebration was getting under way. It was there that we not only finally met Christine, but also where our reunion was beginning. There were so many old friends (and family) who were brought together by this couple. Jin and I grew up going to church, camp and college together. We were also in the same fraternity to seal our brotherhood.

After 40 courses of meat (Brazilian steak house), Christine and Jin held their Paebaek. I think Jin enjoyed his traditional hanbok a little too much. They both looked great!

On Saturday, the wedding was held at Trump National CC, where Christine’s dad (and coincidentally, Eddie) are members. It is a beautiful place with sweeping views of the Potomac beyond the golf course. The first people I saw were Chip and Dean, who were ushers. I saw Chip last month, but it has been almost a decade since I’ve seen Dean.

The wedding was officiated by my childhood friend, Shawn. Over 10 years ago we saw him preside over one of his first weddings. This was his 36th and it did not disappoint. Not only was his message honest and heartfelt, but it was hilarious as well. I’m still stinging a bit from Taylor Swift leaving Spotify, but Shawn invoked her lyrics in his sermon, reminding me of her young wisdom.

As we walked into dinner, each guest (including Bobby) was given Maize and Blue pom poms. Christine had arranged a surprise for Jin where the wedding party would enter with Hail to the Victors being played by the band. It was a first for me and also a sign of true love.

The reception continued our reunion of friends from so many different phases of life, most recently Jin’s bachelor party. The first toast was given by Anish and I’m pretty sure everyone was terrified. The last time I saw him was 3 AM in Las Vegas and I know what he’s capable of. He was given many guidelines (restrictions) and still most of his speech was redacted by his wife. Still, he managed to work in “fecal matter,” “green energy,” and “natural gas” into his speech. It was awesome and unsurprising. Younger siblings, Jin-(Sir) and Irene did such a great job, too. However, Matron of Honor, Jenny came armed with some amazing visual aids. She had texts with Christine before she even met Jin. They were so prescient about their wedding that Jenny saved them just so she could use them in her toast! What a payoff!

I should note that the wedding band came all the way from NY and was amazing. They killed everything they played. I should also note that my camera is great at a lot of things, but evening wedding photos is not one of them. I did my best, and by best, I mean a few face melting snap shots on the dance floor.

On Sunday, we went over to Christine’s parents’ beautiful home in McLean. It was our last chance to see everyone before we went our separate ways again. I don’t know when we’ll all be together again, but hopefully it will be the next time Christine and Jin visit California.

We’re so happy for Christine, Jin and Tommy. They’re already a beautiful and loving family and we wish them the best. Congratulations!

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Lena and Eugene’s Wedding

On Saturday, June 28th, the Park clan came together to celebrate the wedding of Lena and Eugene in Los Angeles. Lena was a beautiful bride. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jong Hee are always ready to have a good time and this was a very special occasion.

It was also nice to catch up with so many of the Park cousins. The kids were super excited to be able to attend and had a great time dancing with their cousins.

Congratulations to Lena and Eugene!

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Esther and Jon’s Wedding

On Sunday, October 20th, Esther and Jon’s were married at Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton. Grace and I (and pretty much everyone who knows and loves Jon) had been waiting a long, long time for that day to arrive. It was a perfect day for an afternoon ceremony. Grace was recruited to help with day-of preparations and did a fantastic job with the decorations.

Several months ago, Esther and Jon asked me to be their officiant and I couldn’t have been more honored. About a week before the wedding, I went to San Francisco City Hall to be deputized as Deputy Marriage Commissioner For A Day. It was super official.

Esther looked amazing and Jon was beaming all day. The ceremony was beautiful, and all the credit goes to Esther, Jon and their wedding party. Jon and Esther wrote their own vows, which were so touching. Thankfully, everyone kept it together (including me), and it was one of the greatest thrills of my life to pronounce them husband and wife.

There was such a great group of family and friends who participated in their wedding, including so many of our Kellogg friends. The reception was borderline raucous, and even ended with blood on the dance floor … from Grace’s big toe. Funny thing is she barely felt a thing.

We couldn’t be happier that Esther and Jon found each other and have chosen to spend their lives together. Congratulations! 

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Beth and Ryan’s Wedding

Grace and I went to college with Ryan. We met Beth when she was living with my old roommate, Ky, and our friend, Bendee. A few years ago, I heard Ryan had been dating someone and I asked him about her. He said that we already knew her! What are the chances that two of the nicest people we know would meet each other serendipitously at work?

Beth and Ryan rented a cute house in Hanalei, right on the beach. The wedding an intimate affair of family and friends and we were honored to share their big day with them. Beth was simply a stunning bride and both she and Ryan were beaming throughout the weekend and especially as they made their vows.

We couldn’t be happier for this perfect couple and wish them the best in their new life together.

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Millie and Myung’s Wedding in Lancaster, PA

My cousin, Millie, got married last weekend and it was a wonderful family affair. Jen was a bridesmaid, Olivia was a flower girl, and I was an usher. What an honor for us! I have many fond memories of visiting Lancaster while growing up. I LOVED spending the long weekend there with our family.

The whole weekend was amazing and everyone had such a great time – especially the kids. I was asked to show some restraint with the pictures, but with 800+ taken (Grace was behind the lens and didn’t hold back), this is the best I could do…

Congratulations, Millie & Myung. We’re so happy for you!

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Clara & Dan’s Wedding

On Saturday, October 1st, we were honored to attend the wedding of Clara and Dan, who is Grace’s friend from Stanford. The wedding was held at Flood Mansion, which overlooks San Francisco Bay from atop Broadway St.

It was a touching ceremony, with the bride and groom exchanging personal vows. Clara was a beautiful bride and both the bride and groom were very happy. Congratulations to this amazing couple.

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Dinner at Mission Table with the Newlyweds

On Sunday evening, Andi and Greg invited us to join Marty and Molly’s families for dinner at Greg and Jon’s restaurant, Mission Table, which is one of four they own in Traverse City. We were a little late to the party. It’s located directly across the bay from Fran and Jon’s cabana, so a boat would have been faster.

Both Mission Table and Jolly Pumpkin restaurants are located at what was once the Bowers Harbor Inn. It’s a beautiful old home, which is claimed to be haunted.

Grace and I both tried several small plates and the food was incredible. The wine was flowing, too. We wished we had time to visit all of their restaurants during our visit.

Dinner finished late, but the night was still young…


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