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Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023


We spent most of Thanksgiving week in NYC and had great times with family and friends. Highlights:

  • Dinner at Cote with my mom and Jen. Almost as good as the first time we went, but still amazing. Ran into two groups of friends
  • Met up with Jeanah, Zoe and Jinny and her girls. Bummed I personally missed seeing Jinny, but glad the families got together
  • Although we had some amazing meals, we also ate a couple on NYC sidewalks. We were lucky it wasn’t raining
  • The family indulged me in checking Billy Joel off my bucket list. It’s not a surprise he still sells out MSG. My grandfather gifted me my first CD player from Japan, but I couldn’t afford any CDs. I went to the public library and the first CDs I borrowed were Billy Joel’s Greatest hits Vol 1 & 2. This was almost 40 years ago and he’s still belting out these tunes and more today
  • Jen and my mom cooked a beautiful Thanksgiving lunch with all of our favorites. We have a lot for which to be thankful, especially having each other
  • After a rest, we headed out to Tenafly for Thanksgiving 2.0 at the Haus. It’s always fun to be with the cousins and Olivia couldn’t get enough of Spencer, even if he had enough of us
  • Ess-a-bagel: overrated and not worth the wait
  • Fastest tour ever of NYU
  • Thankful for Ana and Bobby trekking into the city for a late dinner. Courtney did not crack a smile, but I think she will warm up to me
  • Thanksgiving 3.0 leftovers at Jen’s while watching OSU vs. Michigan. Another amazing game and victory, even if a little too stressful at the end. GO BLUE!