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Full House with Yoons and Haus at Michigan Grandma’s


We haven’t seen my mom since the holidays, so it was extra special to visit her before camp. Jen and Blue completed the Rhees. My mom is loving life in her new home and community.

Growing up, our best family friends were the Yoons. Our moms worked together for several decades at Beaumont, but knew each other well before that. We did most holidays together along with other family friends. Although Auntie Yoon moved even farther away to Hawaii with David’s family last year, the ladies were able to see each other in Oahu this year.

Auntie Yoon made the long trip with the kids to spend the week with my mom while the grandchildren were at camp. My mom’s sister also came from NY with three of her grandchildren and uncle Sandor. We had a fuller house than we had imagined for one night, which was very fun.

After camp, we also had one final dinner with the Yoons, where we celebrated several birthdays, including David’s big 5-0! All the kids are closer than ever but don’t fully grasp that they’re the third generation of Yoon-Rhee BFFs. I hope they’ll always remain friends.

Our dads were friends before they were even married and they were missed during our reunion. We were able to visit Michigan grandpa before we came home to California. Hopefully it won’t be so long before we’re all together again.