Hualalai with Mom & Dad Rhee

After spending 5 wonderful days in Oahu, we went over to Kona for the rest of the week to meet up with my parents. We sent them to enjoy Maui while we were in Oahu. Thanks to all of Grace’s travel, she was able to set them up in a beautiful corner suite at the Westin at Ka’anapali Beach. I think they may have been a little too spoiled because by the time they got to Hualalai, they seemed to be missing their spacious digs. In any case, we had a really wonderful time together there. We all golfed together one day (mom drove the cart and took pictures). Eemoh’s kids wanted to do something special for mom and dad’s 40th anniversary this year, so they treated them to a helicopter ride across the island to see the lava flows. Grace and I golfed together again that day.

We enjoyed Hualalai on our honeymoon. Since then, I wanted all of our parents to be able to enjoy it, too, so we were very glad to have mom and dad enjoy it with us. Hopefully, next time, mom and dad Park will join us, too. This was our last hurrah before the baby. It was a wonderful trip beginning to end.

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