Rhonda and Ky’s Wedding in Oahu, Hawaii

We traveled to Oahu, Hawaii to celebrate Rhonda and Ky’s wedding with their family and friends. As this was our last trip together before the baby, we decided to stay in a hotel in Waikiki. Most of our other Kellogg friends rented houses together near the beach in Kailua. Erich was staying in the hotel next door, so we were able to do a lot together. We played golf at a beautiful (and difficult course) on Saturday. It rained a lot and was pretty muddy out there, but it was fun. Saturday night, we met everyone for dinner in Waikiki. The wedding was held on Sunday, October 22nd, at Moli’i Gardens in Kualoa. The bride and groom arrived in Hawaiian style on a boat. Our beloved Federico Papa officiated the outdoor ceremony. I must say that it was a very touching and emotional wedding and after Ky’s speech to his bride and parents, there was hardly a dry eye under the tent.

The celebration lasted well into the evening and Ky’s old Navy buddies provided much of the color. Here are our pictures from the trip. However, their wedding photographer did a much better job of capturing the beauty of both the event and the couple – check them out here.

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