Burlingame Art Fair

On Sunday, August 17th, we had brunch on the Ave. The kids wanted to check out the rides again, so we walked over while it was still cool and uncrowded. They tried them all.

The most aggressive ride was one that swung forward and back and then all the way around. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I tried to encourage the two of them to ride it together. It turned out Lucas was not tall enough, so Olivia wanted to go with me. Usually I opt out of anything that spins side to side, so I thought this wouldn’t be so bad.

Aside from the fact that these weekend carnival rides are the kind on which people die, the ride was a lot more than I bargained for. While we were inverted, Olivia asked calmly if we could get off. I was thinking the exact same thing, but couldn’t talk because I was trying not to puke. It didn’t end there as we then started swinging around and around. Please. Stop.

It finally did, but by that point, the damage was done. Grace had to drive home and it took me a couple hours to recover. Lesson learned.

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