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  • Olivia Trying Skateboarding


    View this post on Instagram Olivia’s trying something new during quarantine. She’s learning on my vintage 70s Powell Quicktail skateboard. It’s the same model I had as a kid (thanks, eBay). I’m looking for some Gullwing HPG IV trucks if anyone has a lead. #powellperalta #skateboard A post shared by Jason Rhee (@jasonrhee) on May…

  • May they never tire of the park


    View this post on Instagram May they never tire of the park. A post shared by Jason Rhee (@jasonrhee) on May 5, 2019 at 2:03pm PDT

  • Thanksgiving with Michigan Grandparents

    Thanksgiving with Michigan Grandparents


    My mom and dad came out for their first visit this year. They arrived in time to attend their first Carey Generations Day. For Thanksgiving, our oven was busted, so Clara and Mike invited our whole family over to spend it with their whole family. My camera was also busted so you’ll have to trust…

  • BBB with the Michigan Crew

    BBB with the Michigan Crew


    It’s been a while since we’ve had the whole Michigan crew together so we invited everyone over for a potluck turned Bi-Bim-Bop fest. By everyone, I mean honorary Wolverines, Emily (proud Buckeye) and O’Brien, too. Due to weekend sports, May snow on I-80, etc., we were missing some folks. However, Jin-Hong happened to be in town and…

  • Annual Gingerbread Houses at Amy and Steve’s

    Annual Gingerbread Houses at Amy and Steve’s


    Amy has been organizing an annual Gingerbread House activity for our kids for years. This year, she went an extra mile to host this holiday extravaganza at her home. We love this tradition and hope the kids don’t grow out of it too quickly. I think the adults might carry on in any case. Thanks,…

  • Olivia’s 8th Birthday Party

    Olivia’s 8th Birthday Party


    On Saturday, January 10th, Olivia’s school friends helped her celebrate her birthday. She’s been into Roald Dahl and requested a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed party. Really, she just likes candy. Kate took the helm to plan the party and everyone pitched in to get ready. Olivia wanted a jumpy because she never had one…

  • Kellogg Holiday Party at the Rantas

    Kellogg Holiday Party at the Rantas


    Back on November 23, 2014, Euni and Eric hosted our annual holiday party for the Kellogg crew. This was our first time meeting baby Ellie. The Logan-Longs also made the trek down from Marin. Rhonda, Ky and Malia made the long, long trek down from Seattle and it was so good to see them and…

  • Burlingame Farmers Market

    Burlingame Farmers Market


    The season (and the year – yikes!) is coming to a close. Enjoying a beautiful Autumn day downtown.

  • Burlingame Art Fair

    Burlingame Art Fair


    On Sunday, August 17th, we had brunch on the Ave. The kids wanted to check out the rides again, so we walked over while it was still cool and uncrowded. They tried them all. The most aggressive ride was one that swung forward and back and then all the way around. I don’t know what…

  • Dinner with Lucas

    Dinner with Lucas


    On Friday, July 11th, Olivia went to her first sleepover and Grace worked late, so it was guys night out for me and Lucas.