Welcome Baby Boy Lucas Emmett Rhee!

On November 1st at 2:09am, Grace and I welcomed the arrival of our second child, a boy. Because he caught us off guard and arrived a couple weeks early, he shall remain nameless (until Grace and I can agree on a fitting name). Grace went into labor late on Halloween. By 12:30am, Grace, Olivia and I were at the hospital, coincidentally in the exact room in which Olivia tried to make her debut. This time, though, Grace was not only a superstar, but won MVP after 1 hour and 9 minutes of pushing (no epidural). Perhaps she was motivated by the “we’ll try one or two more pushes and then we’ll have to take you back [for a c-section]” or the instant polling some minutes later on whether we preferred a c-section or suction. In any case, Grace finally pushed the little guy out. Although she did all the work, the doctor called an audible after his head came out and put me in motion. I came around and in one push and one instant, he spilled into my hands before a quick hand-off to his mom. The doctor said he wanted me to be the first to hold him. Wow, that was amazing and unexpected. Thankfully, mom and baby are both doing great.

Huge shout-out to Anthony & Michelle, who were the only ones to answer their phone at 1am and were nice enough to come over to the hospital and take Olivia to their home to sleep. During the time she was at the hospital she was bewildered, attentive, and mostly concerned about why mommy was in so much ouch. I picked her up this morning and after breakfast, took her to see her mom and new baby brother. She’s going to be a great big sister.

Stay tuned for a name and more photos. Until then, here are the first pictures. We’re very blessed.

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  1. Grace!!! You are a rockstar! Eau Natural, you are my mole rodel. He is beautiful and you look radiant (albeit tired). Congratulations to you all. -Mindy, Mike, and Bella

  2. Jason & Grace,

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new son. Thanks for the great narration. I feel like I shared the moment with you…on the field.

    And thanks for the terrific family inspiration. I’m going to get there some day.

    Keep the photos & stories coming.


  3. Thank you Jason for sharing your beautiful family, the photographs are spectacular. Congratulations to Grace, for all of her hard work, handsome result. Olivia, you will make an excellent big sister. Love, Deborah,Denny,and family.

  4. Wow! What a night heh? Congratulations you guys! I couldnt be happier for you. Grace you are a complete stud for going sans epidural and Olivia is such a star for hanging with you until 1 AM. I didnt get to catch my kids…

    I am jealous. Enjoy your new life with two little babies running around, it is so much easier than just one…yeah right.

    Conner and our Olivia say hi and cant wait to meet little Lucas. How come you didnt name him Barack Obama Rhee?

    Josh and Rachie

  5. Congratulations, we are so have for you all! What a beautiful family! And Grace, you are such a superstar… I’ve never heard of such a fast labor- and without the epidural! Wow. Ky and I can’t wait to meet Lucas next time we are in the area. All our love!!!

  6. Yeah! Congratulations Grace & Jason! Those are two lucky kids to have such fantastic parents! Glad to hear everything went well despite the surprise early arrival. I’m looking forward to meeting the little guy soon!



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