Korea Trip – Part 7: Back to Seoul and Anniversary Dinner

On Tuesday, April 9th (day 10), we started the day cheering on the Michigan Wolverines in the NCAA championship. Clarence and his family were touring in Kwangju, so he was gracious enough to let us use his Slingbox again. Ironically, he did want to watch part of the game, so we Facetimed the TV from Grace’s computer to his iPhone. Did you get that?  And, that’s all I have to say about the game.

Later that day, we explored Gangnam, looking for their “Rodeo Drive.”  I’m not sure if we ever found it, but we were just browsing anyway. The weather wasn’t great, so we headed back to the hotel for happy hour. That evening, my parents watched the kids in our room so Grace and I could go out to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We went to 9th Gate in the Westin Chosun. It used to be the first French restaurant in Seoul, but recently changed to a steak house  It was a nice date night for us in Seoul.