Celebrating the End of Summer at The Carneros Inn

Melanie and Nick gave us a very generous gift for our wedding – a gift certificate to the Carneros Inn in Napa. Eight years later, we have finally been able to use it. Between having the kids and schedules, it just never happened. We actually rescheduled 3 times already this year. Grace is imminently heading back to work, so I think she wanted to make sure we enjoyed it before we couldn’t again. It was always meant to be a getaway for two, but to make it happen, we had to settle for a getaway for four.

We drove up on Friday after work. The first thing we got to experience was the new Bay Bridge – impressive! We arrived close to dusk, when the light was really beautiful. I didn’t know much about the resort, but found it to be a quiet and idyllic enclave in the heart of wine country. We enjoyed a casual dinner on Friday. Grace wasn’t feeling well and passed out before the kids. It was close quarters for the four of us and by 9:45 pm, I was up alone in the dark, so I went to sleep.

On Saturday, we enjoyed an early breakfast outdoors until some pesky bees forced us indoors. We were in the kids-allowed pool by 10am and had lunch there. At 1pm, a sitter arrived and Grace and I went to play our last round of the Summer Golf Tour at Chardonnay, which was close by. When we came back, the kids were still out somewhere, so we went for a quick dip at the adults-only pool before getting cleaned up for dinner. We had neither the time nor the appetite for the tasting menu at Farm, but enjoyed our ala carte selections.

On Sunday, I woke up at the crack of dawn for no good reason, except to take pictures of the crack of dawn. At that hour, there was not a person or a coffee in sight. I enjoyed the peaceful time to myself while everyone else slept and returned with a couple Americanos once the resort opened up. We had another early breakfast and enjoyed another half-day by the pool before heading for home. We took a slight detour to stop back at the Moons’ house in Tiburon for an hour or so.

I should note that between the weather, the clear air and the vibrant colors at the resort, it was an amazing place to take pictures. So, I took more than a few – apologies.

I usually associate Napa with my job as designated driver. I have a newfound appreciation for it and am glad we finally were able to enjoy our gift from the Feleses. Next time, we should all go together!

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