Visit from the Milano-Sessines

Jen and Mike brought the family out to the Bay Area for a long weekend. We were very happy that they spent a night with us for a long overdue visit. The last time Jen and Mike visited us in Burlingame was almost 15 years ago when they were traveling the world. They’re still globe-trotting with Zoë and Owen, but it’s usually to far-off, interesting places. We’re happy SF made an itinerary.

I told all the kids that while Mike and I didn’t start going to school together until 4th grade, our sisters became friends and forced a play date on us when we were in 3rd grade (i.e., about their age). Although that was almost four decades ago, I remember it very clearly.

Olivia and Lucas were sad the minute they drove away. We’re already looking forward to our next visit together, which will likely be on the East Coast.

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