Addy and Charles’s Going Away BBQ

Addy, Charles, Delaney and Cameron are heading east in just about a month. We’ve been lucky to have them back in the bay area all these years, but NY is calling them. Grace’s parents were in town for the week to help out with the kids and Dave was in town, too. All of us joined neighbors and friends at Addy and Charles’s house for a going away BBQ.

We’re all going to miss having them nearby, especially Olivia and Lucas, who are already missing their cousins.

Spring Break in NYC – Day 6 – Cousins!

Sunday was our final full day in NYC. After a late night, we had to wake up early for breakfast. Ana, Bobby and the kids came into Manhattan to meet us at Ai Fiori. Colin and Caden are growing up fast and all the kids had fun together.

We were just a couple blocks away from Dave’s place, so we stopped by. He moved into a two-bedroom in the same building with Charles while he has been commuting from the Bay Area. The 270-degree views were amazing, but I have to admit the windows at the floor gave me a bit of vertigo. I had to retreat to the interior of the apartment.

Ellie and Sandor graciously hosted all the families, including Dave and Grace’s parents for lunch. Sunday was Dave’s actual birthday, so we got to celebrate 4-0 again. This was our first chance to meet baby Lily and baby Max. Both are super cute. Each of us, including Olivia, took our turns with the babies. We spent all afternoon together, including a marathon session in the play room and basement. In the small world department, I ran into a high school friend, who happens to live in the same building.

Afterwards, we headed straight to Jen’s, who hosted everyone for dinner. Liz and Clarence joined us there as they had sports all day. I tried to turn down the magenta on Clarence, but it turned out it was just his sunburn. All of these cousins wore each other out some more. It was a great family reunion.

We went home to pack and get in a few hours of sleep before our 7:30am flight. The kids weren’t too compliant for their 5am wake-up, especially because we stayed on West coast time all week. We bid farewell to our hotel. Ironically, we had the amazing Central Park view, but didn’t enter the park once. Until next time, NYC!

Spring Break in NYC – Days 4 and 5 – K-Town, Brooklyn, Statue of Liberty, Dave’s 40th

On April 10th, we slept in a bit and headed to Koreatown for lunch with the families. Grace’s parents also came to town, so we all met up at BCD Tofu. Coincidentally, we ran into Sandor and Xavier, who were having a boys day out. Afterwards, Grace went to meet Sueann, so I took the opportunity to take the kids to Brooklyn to see Jeffrey. We didn’t pick a spot to meet, so Google just told me to take the M to Williamsburg and get off at the first stop. I admit to being a bit turned around and there wasn’t a cab in sight. I got pointed in the right direction and started to walk. Lucas, of course, wasn’t up for a big walk and Olivia had to potty, so we popped into the first civilized establishment, which was some hipster café. Jeffrey came to meet us there.

We got a ride to the L and took that too 8th to transfer uptown. Lucas was so sleepy, he just sat down on the floor of the train and Olivia joined him. When we got back, Jeanah came over to visit and eventually Grace came back, too. We ordered room service and had dinner together.

On Saturday morning, everyone met up at Battery Park for a trip out to the Statue of Liberty. The kids were excited and this was was my first trip, too (that I can remember). We stopped briefly at Ellis Island before coming back to Manhattan for lunch (K-town again).

That evening, we all gathered again at Del Frisco’s for the main purpose of the trip, which was to celebrate Dave turning 40. Minwha and Jae came in from Connecticut. We all had a great meal together.

Happy 40th, Dave!

Dim Sum and Tiburon with Moons

The day after Thanksgiving, our families met up with the Moons and Mike’s parents and brother for Dim Sum at Yank Sing in SF. Afterward, Clara and Mike invited everyone over to their new home in Tiburon, which is beautiful in every sense. The kids watched Avatar in their full-on theater, complete with retracting curtains.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen them, so it was nice to catch up, especially in such a serene and resort-like environment. I don’t think anyone missed Black Friday shopping. We were able to catch a Tiburon sunset from their amazing hill-top view before we set off for home.

Thanksgiving with Parks and Rhees

This year, we hosted both sides of the family at our house. It’s always nice to have all the grandparents, parents, siblings and cousins together. The original plan was to eat out, but my preference is to eat at home. I guess that’s easy for me to say because I’m not in charge of cooking, but Grace obliged. I volunteered to “cook” the turkey, which mostly entailed making a fire and obsessing over my new remote thermometer, which was beeping most of the day, indicating the temperature was out of band. Despite cooking in half the expected time, everything turned out great. We didn’t have any money on whether or not Grace’s dad would rake the yard, but just when. Big thanks to Grace, the moms and Jen for a solid lunch, beautiful appetizers and a full Thanksgiving spread. I hope no one regretted not going out to eat. I know I did not.

As always, we all have much for which to be thankful. Mostly we can be thankful to be able to spend time with our loved ones, young and old. Happy Thanksgiving!

3rd-Annual Charles Park Birthday Golf Invitational and Dinner

On Thursday, August 7th, we celebrated Charles’ birthday a day early. It started with golf at the University of Michigan Golf Course. This was our 3rd year playing there together. We played with Jae and Arnie. Afterwards, we had lunch together at Jolly Pumpkin.

We all rallied again later for dinner with all the parents and kids at Shiro in Novi. Jen and Dave were coincidentally on the same flight from NYC, so they arrived together. Spencer lives in Novi, so we invited his family. Sunhee wasn’t feeling well, but we got to meet all the kids. This was also the first time the two Lucas Rhees (my bad) were together. I’m glad Lucas Rhee Sr. seems okay with it.

Happy Birthday, Charles!

Lena and Eugene’s Wedding

On Saturday, June 28th, the Park clan came together to celebrate the wedding of Lena and Eugene in Los Angeles. Lena was a beautiful bride. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jong Hee are always ready to have a good time and this was a very special occasion.

It was also nice to catch up with so many of the Park cousins. The kids were super excited to be able to attend and had a great time dancing with their cousins.

Congratulations to Lena and Eugene!

LA with the Parks

On Saturday, June 28th, we hung out in LA with the Park family. We met at Du-par’s at The Grove for breakfast. Charles, Addy and Grace all had hair appointments. Olivia and Lucas went swimming for a while and then Cameron and Delaney came to the hotel to hang out before the wedding.

Solid family time.

Thanksgiving with the Parks in Los Angeles

This year, Grace’s mom and dad hosted Thanksgiving at their new home in Los Angeles. When I say Los Angeles, I mean in the heart of K-Town, just like they like it. Mom and dad both added their flair, which has resulted in a beautiful house in the style of post-modern Korean dramas.

Addy and Charles’s family spent the week in SoCal (at his parents house) and they all joined us for Thanksgiving. Dave came in from NYC. Ann and Jeremy brought the whole family, including baby Elsen, Emme and Murphy. The first holiday Murphy spent with us was Christmas 2004, when he was just a puppy.

On Friday, we went to Hillstones for lunch with Ann and Jeremy and then blended in with the tourists on 3rd St in Santa Monica. Friday dinner was with Grace’s uncle’s family and some other Park friends.

Saturday, we got up to watch the Michigan game and we left when things were all tied in the 4th quarter. That was the last time I remember feeling thankful. Just kidding. We have so much for which to be thankful and spending time with family was a great reminder.

Thanks, mom and dad Park for a great Thanksgiving weekend.