Olivia’s 10th Birthday Celebration at Hakkasan in NYC

On Thursday, December 29th, we had one last family gathering in NYC to celebrate Olivia’s 10th birthday. She and the rest of the family had been to Hakkasan before with Dave’s boss and she really enjoyed their macarons, so she requested that restaurant. This was my first time eating at any Hakkasan and the food was great.

What a special occasion to spend our last night in New York before heading home. We can’t believe Olivia is double-digits. Happy Birthday to our beloved Olivia!

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Olivia’s 6th Birthday Party

Last year, we celebrated Olivia’s half birthday in June. This year, we wanted to celebrate her birthday closer to the actual date. She decided that she didn’t want another bowling party (after 3 in a row), but instead wanted an indoor-jumpy type of party. In order to talk her out of that, we negotiated a “princess party” at home and she took the bait.

Her party was on January 13th and some days before it, she changed her mind and said she wanted a jumpy party. We assured her that her princess party would be great. Grace has many talents, but chief among them is entertaining and event planning. Olivia invited all her new princess friends from Kindergarten as well as some old friends from Gazelle. A few brother princes also joined in the fun.

Grace had her nail salon ladies come over to give the girls mani-pedis (I was not offered one). There were a couple craft stations (crowns and jewelry) as well as some games. I was pleased that some poor lovable character did not serve as a piñata, but instead a princess castle (much better).

Thanks to Addy, who came over to help cook, and also to Clara, who brought the balloons and got her princess fix. Great job, Grace.

Happy Birthday, Olivia! We love you so much.

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Olivia’s 5th (and a Half) Birthday Party

Olivia’s 5th birthday was on December 30th. In the past, we’ve managed to pull off a birthday party, but this year, it just didn’t happen. Kate had the party favors all ready to go since then. Weeks then months went by. Then I had the bright idea that we’d wait until Lucky Strike finally opened in San Francisco. In the end, we celebrated at Bel Mateo Bowl this past Sunday, which was exactly her half birthday.

It was bigger, better and more chaotic then ever. I saw a 6 pounder dropped on a foot. Everyone was okay and the birthday girl had a great time.

We may be celebrating on June 30th until she’s 18. Happy Half-Birthday, Olivia. Thank you for your patience. We love you so much.

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