Eemoh’s 80th Birthday Party

My aunt celebrated her 80th birthday Saturday, August 18th, in New Jersey with many family and friends. I took the red-eye solo to represent our family for this important milestone. She is the rock of the entire Hau clan.

I arrived very early in the morning and stopped by Bobby’s house to see the family. We had breakfast together in Ridgewood, which is a super cute town. Afterwards I made my way to the party, which was on the Hudson River. My parents had come from Michigan and were staying with Jen.

There were many toasts and speeches by the children and grandchildren. There was entertainment from live action, live music and music videos. The Haus are incredibly theatrical!

Afterwards, we went to Ellie and Sandor’s beautiful new home in Rye, not far from Addy and Charles. There, I finally got to meet #4, Spencer. They were kind enough to put me up for the night. On Sunday, I drove into Manhattan with  Eemoh and met up with my parents and Jen for my first viewing of “Crazy Rich Asians” and lunch at Quality Italian. It was a super short trip, but important and memorable family time.

Happy 80th Birthday, Eemoh!

NYC with Family and Friends

After Christmas, we decided to spend a few days in NYC. We enjoyed meals with all the Parks and Rhees Bottega and Quality Italian. With met up with Clarence and his kids at the Time Warner Center, which was where we were staying. I had wanted to watch Rogue One, but the kids insisted on seeing Sing and Moana first. My dad joined us for the former on his 80th Birthday.

On the way back from Moana, we looked around Times Square for a bit and decided to take the subway home for fun. We popped out right at Columbus Circle and I saw this dude wearing my coat. Then I notice that this dude is Danny, one of the only people I know who lives in Manhattan. What a small world.

On our last morning in NYC, everyone slept in a bit, so I went out for a walk in Central Park, which we never do. We met up with Ana, Bobby, the boys and my sister and parents for lunch in Koreatown for one last meal before heading out to the airport.

The holidays are always nice in NYC. We’ll be back again soon, I hope.

Ana & Bobby’s Post-Wedding

Everyone was full and tired by the time we got back to the hotel. After a siesta, we rallied again in Sandra and Phil’s room. Some of the group were determined to hit the hot tub, but were only able to enjoy it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the evening in the bar reminiscing. Grace and Ana (understandably) needed a little more time to recover, but eventually both of them rallied, too. A great and very special wedding!

Ana & Bobby’s Wedding Reception

I had the distinct honor of being Bobby’s best man. With this came some responsibilities. Bachelor party – check. Slideshow – check. Getting Bobby to the ceremony on time – check. It wasn’t until my toast was delivered that I could finally relax and enjoy the occasion. I managed to slip in a Long Duck Dong reference and no one threw anything at me – check.

I should mention that all of the food was spectacular and that it was great celebrating the couple with many old friends. I should also mention that due to my duties, Grace manned the camera during the ceremony and reception and did an exceptional job taking pictures.

Ana & Bobby’s Wedding Ceremony

The wedding was held at the Rockleigh Country Club. Ana really wanted an ourdoor wedding, and for mid-November in Northern New Jersey, that’s a tall order. It turned out to be the most glorious day – even a bit warm. Under sunny skies and surrounded by family and friends, Ana and Bobby were married. Ana was a very beautiful bride and Bobby had the biggest smile all day long. Grace and I are so happy for them.

Ana & Bobby’s Rehearsal Dinner

Ana and Bobby’s rehearsal dinner was in Fort Lee. It was nice to see Bobby’s parents after so many years – they looked so happy. It was also nice to see and meet Ana’s family and the rest of the bridal party. Afterwards, several of us, including other friends who showed up, stayed for some karaoke. Surprisingly, it was Grace who threw down the gauntlet and required everyone to sing. Grace ended the evening with guns blazing and I went with my new go-to, “9 to 5.” 98%!

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