Winter Afternoon at the Beach in Half Moon Bay

On Sunday, January 16th, Grace had a busy day planned (mani/pedi, shopping, etc.), so Lucas, Olivia and I set out for some fun, too. By fun, I mean hardware store, lunch, haircut for lucas, and playing in the garage. We did decide on an impromptu trip to the beach, which was almost derailed when we drove past Lemos Farms on the way to Half Moon Bay and I spent the rest of the ride explaining why pony rides were not happening that afternoon.

I pulled into the Ritz-Carlton and almost did a u-turn, but Olivia finally relented and agreed to our original beach plan. It was a blustery winter day, but we were all prepared. After my last trip there with Olivia, I decide a stroller was required for making the trek. We had a really good time. We stopped in at the hotel for some Shirley Temples, fries, and profiteroles. Lucas was making himself at home all over the restaurant. Thankfully, the waitperson was very kind.

It was a truly memorable day for us!