Visiting Sae Jong Camp – 2015

For the 4th year in a row, I’ve taken the kids to visit Sae Jong Camp. Olivia was technically supposed to be a camper this year, but perhaps we all felt she wasn’t ready to be away from home for a week. We rationalized that she and Lucas could just go together next year.

I was surprised to see my old counselor, Joe (JP), was sending his daughter this year, so we planned to meet up. I didn’t know who else we would see, but I was happy to see one of my dearest friends, Linda there. Her two boys were campers, and youngest, Phoebe, was visiting, too.

We arrived just as lunch was ending, and after the usual singing and games, a crowd gathered and I had no idea what was going on. It took a little bit to realize a real proposal between staff members was happening. Jordyn grew up not far from camp, so her family was there to witness it. It was definitely a first for me and so touching.

A brief storm passed by, which allowed JP and I to catch up. We met up randomly in LA earlier this year, which makes twice in the last 30 years. Linda and I didn’t see each other the last time we were in NY, so it was nice to see each other. We took a mandatory trip to the DQ together.

Olivia and Lucas spent most of the afternoon in Higgins Lake and went swimming for the first time. They didn’t really want to get out. They experienced their first shower at camp, which, due to the friendly spiders, was a bit of a setback in convincing Lucas camp was awesome. Olivia perservered. We enjoyed the traditional visiting day dinner and headed home.

There were some very ominous looking skies as we got on the road and we watched and drove through some spectacular thunderstorms. The kids don’t take rain like that for granted. After a stop for another meal, we finally made it home about midnight.

I’m still very appreciative of all those who work so hard and sacrifice so much to keep camp going, especially the venerable Doug and Ben. Olivia knows SJC is on her agenda next summer. We need to keep working on Lucas.