Trip to Kauai

On Thursday, February 16th, Grace and I headed to Kauai for Beth and Ryan’s wedding. Kate stayed at home with the kids, so we planned a short, but relaxing weekend with our friends. Grace and I spent the first half of our honeymoon on Kauai at the Princeville. It has since been updated and rebranded as a St. Regis. Call me crazy, but I really wanted to go back and check it out. Grace insisted that we stay at the Westin instead, which she heard was nice and very kid friendly, which was ironic because we were traveling WITHOUT the kids! Oy.

Upon arrival, Grace was duped into upgrading to some SUV, which might as well just have been a Jeep given how filthy it was inside and out. The second trip to the counter, she spared no expense and scored the Escalade I’ve been threatening to rent for years. Checked that off the bucket list.

At home, Grace has been getting into the Kimchi Chronicles, so when I found out there was a Jean-Georges restaurant at the St. Regis, I wanted to try it. Ky and Rhonda had been in Hawaii for a couple weeks and also arrived in Kauai for the wedding. We haven’t had a chance to meet baby Malia, so all of us went to dinner together. She is so sweet and was a champ at dinner.

Afterwards, Beth and Ryan were meeting with everyone at the St. Regis bar, so we spent the rest of the evening with them. It was great to meet their friends and family. We were already having so much fun after just half a day in paradise!

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