Elin’s Birthday

On August 24th, we celebrated Elin’s birthday in San Francisco at Sociale. Now that her time with us is coming to a close, I wish we had more time to experience the Bay Area together. We’re going to miss her!

Happy Birthday, Elin!

POPSUGAR 10-Year Party #popsugar10

This year’s annual all-hands in San Francisco was made extra special because we were celebrating a decade being in business. We celebrated at City Hall with the after party at Forgery. My camera was officially broken, so you’ll have to trust me that everyone looked amazing at our first black-tie event and that it was a great celebration.

Mother’s Day Brunch at St. Regis in SF

My parents are visiting for a few weeks to help out as Grace has gone back to work. Thus, we were fortunate to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, as well as Addy and Charles and the Moons. Grace, my mom, and Julie enjoyed the spa at the St. Regis in the morning and the rest of us joined for brunch afterwards.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Birthday Dinner at Gary Danko

Today was Grace’s birthday (and mine). This year, she was determined to make it “my” birthday because she thought it was a big one. She had planned a very thoughtful getaway to Carmel Valley Ranch, which included unlimited golf. Something came up and we weren’t able to go. Not only was she super understanding, but within 24 hours, she was able to get us a reservation at Gary Danko though a FOG (friend of Gary – thanks Adon!). We’ve been meaning to go for years, but were just waiting for a special occasion. I guess this was it. Thanks, Grace, for another awesome birthday together!

Day in San Francisco with the Kids

We had to keep ourselves busy on Sunday in anticipation of Grace’s return from Chicago. I had a rough agenda in mind. Olivia set the bar low with wanting to go to the park. Lucas was feeling adventurous and only wanted to eat somewhere we had been before. That’s when I encountered dissention with my plan to go to San Francisco for lunch.

Ultimately we ended up at this tiny French restaurant in the Marina. They were both pleased with the fare so the implied crisis was averted. At lunch we decided to see a movie, but it didn’t start until late afternoon. We went to the beach at Crissy Field to kill the time. It was a chilly Fall day, but that didn’t deter them from building their creation from “reclaimed” wood and rocks. They wanted me to retrieve a much larger piece of wood, which was actually adrift. I did not oblige.

We saw Big Hero 6 at the Kabuki. It was very cute and though there were some sad parts, it wasn’t too scary for them. We discussed the plot the entire way home.

It was a great day in the city by the bay.

Jen W’s Birthday Party at Melissa’s

Melissa hosted a lovely birthday party for Jen at her beautiful home. When I say lovely, I mean the 5 kinds of wings, 10 kinds of mac and cheese, 12 kinds of ice cream, a cake and a pie.

Brian was pensive, soaking it all in.

Thanks, Melissa, for a fun evening. Happy Birthday, Jen!

Pork and Punch Party at Molly & Kjell’s

Molly and Kjell were kind enough to invite us to their annual holiday party. Apparently, this was a traditionally a cheese-off, but I learned they were tired of their fondue coming in 2nd (or last?) place, so they changed the game to pork.

The centerpiece was a Spanish Jamón ibérico, which was carved by doctors and non-doctors alike. Everything else in the spread was a pork product, including pulled-pork sliders, pork buns, bacon-wrapped dates, chocolate chip and bacon cookies. It was all delicious and everyone was a winner, except the pigs.

On our way out, Molly took us up to the roof-top deck of their fabulous Russian Hill building. There were amazing views of the entire bay, from the Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge all the way past Alcatraz and around to the Bay Bridge. Stunning.

Happy Holidays and thanks again.