Farewell, POPSUGAR

After 11 years, last week I said goodbye to my family and friends at POPSUGAR. I’ve chronicled many of our most memorable moments over the years here, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that leaving a company and people I love so much was very hard indeed. Nevertheless, I received the sweetest low-key sendoff over the last couple days thanks to the ever-thoughtful Krista.

Pizza lunch was fitting and the team printed some of our favorite snapshots from over the years. Somehow, I got roped into the weekly POPCAST, and even though I asked not to be put on the spot, James Lipton’s questions were being fired at me at the end. I was hardly prepared.

Neither was I fully prepared to finally say goodbye. Several friends indulged me in a few last buddy shots (except Brian). It was hard to break the news to my neighborhood friends, too, at Coffee Bar and Henry’s. Even though they fire my slice the minute they see me, I ghosted my friends a Giorgio’s all week. I hope they’ll understand.

11 years ago I joined a team who was already family and they’ll remain as such regardless of the hoodie I wear. Since that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing people, many of whom I consider forever friends whether I see them daily or not. POPSUGAR will always be a huge part of my life.

POPSUGAR 10-Year Party #popsugar10

This year’s annual all-hands in San Francisco was made extra special because we were celebrating a decade being in business. We celebrated at City Hall with the after party at Forgery. My camera was officially broken, so you’ll have to trust me that everyone looked amazing at our first black-tie event and that it was a great celebration.

POPSUGAR 5+ Year Party

During our all-hands week, we had a smaller celebration for all the people who have been with POPSUGAR for 5 or more years. In the spirit of doing it old school, the party was at Presidio Bowl, where we used to hold our holiday parties back in the day (20072009 – skipping the infamous holiday potluck in 2008 during the recession).

The best part of the evening was the sharing of POPSUGAR lore, all of which were so funny. Thanks to everyone who has dedicated so many years to building our company.

POPSUGAR Summer Party 2015

Great times at the POPSUGAR summer party, which was held at the Presido Golf Club. Good times at the after party at Final Final. Unmemorable times at the after after party, as evidenced by the poor guy who showed up this morning with an inexplicable black eye.

Cheers to all those who survived unscathed and to Marnell for organizing another great event!

POPSUGAR Winter Party #pswinterparty

This week we had our annual week together with our POPSUGAR colleagues from all over the world. As we learned in our all hands, we have much to be proud of as well as much to look forward to in 2015. We also have much to celebrate, which did in style at the San Francisco Maritime Museum.

Last year I was asked to take photos in an effort to save some money. At the all hands, Marnell asked me if I was planning to take photos again. I had only brought my “little” camera, which isn’t really well-suited for shooting such an event (the “big” camera is gone). Because Marnell is Marnell, a photographer was hired during the all hands and I was off the hook.

As a result, I only took a few photos this year and made even fewer observations throughout the evening. Instead, I met a lot of new people yesterday as well as caught up with old friends. Congratulations again to all the POPSUGAR award recipients and especially to our beloved Annie for winning the overall award. You are now among very esteemed company.

If I took your photo and it doesn’t appear, it is because: a. the photo was way out of focus, as many were, or b. it would have simply been unkind to post it. Melissa is excepted from these guidelines.

Thanks, everyone, for a great time. Here’s to an even more amazing 2015!

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