Skiing in Deer Valley Over New Year

We’re always looking for new places to ski with the family. Although I’ve been to Utah a bunch with friends, Grace nor the kids have been there for skiing. We looked at a lot of options for our 2nd week of the holiday break. Coincidentally, Ann and Jeremy were going to be in Deer Valley and invited us to crash with them.

This was fortuitous on an epic scale because they were staying at the Montage. I’ve only had lunch there before with my WB buddies and fell in love with it the minute I stepped inside. I never expected to ever stay there, but we were beneficiaries of Ann and Jeremy, who were beneficiaries of another friend whose plans changed. That left available a beautiful 3 bedroom unit, the kind of which makes you not want to return home.

Sunday, the day we arrived, was Olivia’s birthday, so we wanted to celebrate somewhere. Our plans were last minute and the only place I could find was the Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley. If I had a better memory, I would have remembered that while the food was good, the ambiance was a little lacking for the price of admission. Next time I will not forget. Most importantly, we celebrated Olivia’s milestone with friends and she was happy.

Monday, we skied at Park City because the Ikon passes I got at the last minute were blacked out that day at Deer Valley. It was a cold but great day on the mountain. I hadn’t skied there in forever. Starting Tuesday, we got into our ski-in/ski-out routine at Deer Valley, which was a lot easier. The snow was infinitely better than the start of the season last year, though coverage was still a little thin in areas. We definitely made the most of it.

The Champions Club at the Stein Eriksen was one of the best finds on this trip. While the food is not as epic as the buffet upstairs, every game in the arcade is free. I guess they’re making it up in pizza. We spent New Year’s Eve in the room and had room service for dinner, which was fine with everyone. We had some so-so dinners in town, though Riverhorse on Main was notably excellent again. Some of our best meals were at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel (two nights in a row).

All the kids were great sports all week and we had fun skiing with Emme and Elsen. The little and big kids enjoyed an après ski of tubing and hot cider. The kids added rolling around in the snow between the pool and hot tub to their routine. I didn’t allow myself to get roped into that, but Jeremy joined right in.

We didn’t venture down to the bowling alley until right before we left. Otherwise we might have had some high scores by the end of our awesome week together. It all went by so fast, but we’re so thankful for being able to finally travel with their family, especially after our Airstream caravan got aborted a couple years ago. Until next time!

Ski Trip to Utah with WB Boys

On Thursday, March 6th, the boys from West Bloomfield met in Utah again for our annual ski trip. This year we were also celebrating Herb’s engagement, which also brought Mike from Connecticut and Andy from retirement. Another new attendee was Herb’s hair – wow!

Friday, we skied at Deer Valley, seemingly because Scott wanted the famous “Deer Valley Turkey Chili.”  It was very good. Friday night, we went into Park City and had an amazing dinner at Riverhorse on Main.

Saturday, we got a much earlier start and were on the mountain at the Canyons by 9:30am. It was a glorious day of skiing and sunshine. Up until lunchtime, the seven of us skied together on every lift. Afterwards, however, Andy and Scott peeled off and then Herb and Mike did, too. We eventually all met up again for the last runs of the day. We skied until the bitter end of the day and my EpicMix said we did 28.5K of vertical, which was pretty respectable.

It wasn’t easy to find a Saturday reservation for seven people, so I booked us at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet. There was some skepticism from the crew, but six of us enjoyed it very much. Mike will be filing a lawsuit for an improperly shucked oyster.

Sunday, Mike and Andy left early for home. Steve, Chris, Scott, Herb and I went back to Deer Valley for a short day of skiing. We skied hard until lunch time and then went to the world famous buffet at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. It did not disappoint. I think I consumed 8,000 calories in 14 hours (after losing an hour of sleep).

That was the end of our epic ski weekend. Being as how Herb is the last of our friends to get married, I’m not sure what excuse we can come up with to get together again next year, except perhaps 35 years of skiing together since Winter Walden and ski team. See you then!

Skiing in Park City with WB Buddies

Herb, Chris, Scott, Steve and I went to Park City the weekend of 3/16. We skied a couple days at The Canyons and a day at Deer Valley. Friday and Saturday were beautiful Spring conditions. I had a bonus Gellert sighting on Saturday. We also celebrated Steve’s birthday on Saturday. Conditions deteriorated on Sunday with whiteout conditions. We skied a half-day before all heading for home. Great trip.

Park City, UT with WB Ski Team

The weekend of March 3-6, the guys from the WBHS ski team (Chris, Mike & Herb), plus honorary members, Steve and Scott, met up in Park City, Utah. Mike missed our reunion last summer in San Diego, so it was great to have him join us. We skied one day at the Canyons and one day at Deer Valley. After 30+ years of friendship with all of these guys, it’s always amazing to get together. We’re already planning for next year!