Eemoh’s 80th Birthday Party

My aunt celebrated her 80th birthday Saturday, August 18th, in New Jersey with many family and friends. I took the red-eye solo to represent our family for this important milestone. She is the rock of the entire Hau clan.

I arrived very early in the morning and stopped by Bobby’s house to see the family. We had breakfast together in Ridgewood, which is a super cute town. Afterwards I made my way to the party, which was on the Hudson River. My parents had come from Michigan and were staying with Jen.

There were many toasts and speeches by the children and grandchildren. There was entertainment from live action, live music and music videos. The Haus are incredibly theatrical!

Afterwards, we went to Ellie and Sandor’s beautiful new home in Rye, not far from Addy and Charles. There, I finally got to meet #4, Spencer. They were kind enough to put me up for the night. On Sunday, I drove into Manhattan with  Eemoh and met up with my parents and Jen for my first viewing of “Crazy Rich Asians” and lunch at Quality Italian. It was a super short trip, but important and memorable family time.

Happy 80th Birthday, Eemoh!

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Olivia’s 10th Birthday Celebration at Hakkasan in NYC

On Thursday, December 29th, we had one last family gathering in NYC to celebrate Olivia’s 10th birthday. She and the rest of the family had been to Hakkasan before with Dave’s boss and she really enjoyed their macarons, so she requested that restaurant. This was my first time eating at any Hakkasan and the food was great.

What a special occasion to spend our last night in New York before heading home. We can’t believe Olivia is double-digits. Happy Birthday to our beloved Olivia!

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NYC with Family and Friends

After Christmas, we decided to spend a few days in NYC. We enjoyed meals with all the Parks and Rhees Bottega and Quality Italian. With met up with Clarence and his kids at the Time Warner Center, which was where we were staying. I had wanted to watch Rogue One, but the kids insisted on seeing Sing and Moana first. My dad joined us for the former on his 80th Birthday.

On the way back from Moana, we looked around Times Square for a bit and decided to take the subway home for fun. We popped out right at Columbus Circle and I saw this dude wearing my coat. Then I notice that this dude is Danny, one of the only people I know who lives in Manhattan. What a small world.

On our last morning in NYC, everyone slept in a bit, so I went out for a walk in Central Park, which we never do. We met up with Ana, Bobby, the boys and my sister and parents for lunch in Koreatown for one last meal before heading out to the airport.

The holidays are always nice in NYC. We’ll be back again soon, I hope.

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Dad Park’s 80th Birthday Celebration in NYC

Because all of the family were together for the holidays, Grace’s Mom wanted to celebrate her Dad’s 80th a little early. On Monday, December 26th, several close friends and family met at Gaonnuri. Dave and Charles emceed the event and several people spoke, including Mom and Dad.

It was a beautiful event to celebrate Dad’s 80th and the food was excellent. Everyone had a great time. Happy Birthday, Dad!

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NYC with Family and Friends

Before Thanksgiving in Westchester, we spent several nights in Manhattan near Central Park South. Upon our arrival, we went straight to Ellie and Sandor’s place, who were kind enough to host dinner for all the cousins and families. The big kids (Sandor and I) showed the little kids how it’s done in the play room.

Some of our NYC activities are now starting to feel routine:

  • Visit POPSUGAR NY office
  • Ride subway
  • Eat in Koreatown
  • Visit American Girl
  • MoMath
  • Eat in Koreatown

Grace and her family had dinner one night with Dave’s boss, so I got a pass and had dinner with Linda. After Thanksgiving, we came back into Manhattan for a couple nights. We went straight to Jen’s where she and my mom had been preparing for a big Ohio State vs. Michigan game party. The food was plentiful and delicious. The football was terrible. All the cousins came over as well as Jon Arney and Linda, Danny and the Kids. Olivia can’t get enough of her little baby cousins.

Afterwards, we drove out to NJ to visit Ana and Bobby at their beautiful new home out in Ridgewood. It was great to see the kids and the family in their new suburban lifestyle. The kids enjoyed playing together in their new spaces.

Lucas wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, our last day in the city, so he and I stayed home while Dave, Grace and Olivia went to meet Joon and Bianca. Lucas bounced back and was able to rally for one last meal with Dave at Mastro’s. It was excellent.

We didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to on this trip, but I’m sure we’ll be back soon and often. Of course now there’s pressure to join all our siblings in NY, but I really don’t see that happening. We’re always up for a visit, though.

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Spring Break in NYC – Day 6 – Cousins!

Sunday was our final full day in NYC. After a late night, we had to wake up early for breakfast. Ana, Bobby and the kids came into Manhattan to meet us at Ai Fiori. Colin and Caden are growing up fast and all the kids had fun together.

We were just a couple blocks away from Dave’s place, so we stopped by. He moved into a two-bedroom in the same building with Charles while he has been commuting from the Bay Area. The 270-degree views were amazing, but I have to admit the windows at the floor gave me a bit of vertigo. I had to retreat to the interior of the apartment.

Ellie and Sandor graciously hosted all the families, including Dave and Grace’s parents for lunch. Sunday was Dave’s actual birthday, so we got to celebrate 4-0 again. This was our first chance to meet baby Lily and baby Max. Both are super cute. Each of us, including Olivia, took our turns with the babies. We spent all afternoon together, including a marathon session in the play room and basement. In the small world department, I ran into a high school friend, who happens to live in the same building.

Afterwards, we headed straight to Jen’s, who hosted everyone for dinner. Liz and Clarence joined us there as they had sports all day. I tried to turn down the magenta on Clarence, but it turned out it was just his sunburn. All of these cousins wore each other out some more. It was a great family reunion.

We went home to pack and get in a few hours of sleep before our 7:30am flight. The kids weren’t too compliant for their 5am wake-up, especially because we stayed on West coast time all week. We bid farewell to our hotel. Ironically, we had the amazing Central Park view, but didn’t enter the park once. Until next time, NYC!

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Spring Break in NYC – Days 4 and 5 – K-Town, Brooklyn, Statue of Liberty, Dave’s 40th

On April 10th, we slept in a bit and headed to Koreatown for lunch with the families. Grace’s parents also came to town, so we all met up at BCD Tofu. Coincidentally, we ran into Sandor and Xavier, who were having a boys day out. Afterwards, Grace went to meet Sueann, so I took the opportunity to take the kids to Brooklyn to see Jeffrey. We didn’t pick a spot to meet, so Google just told me to take the M to Williamsburg and get off at the first stop. I admit to being a bit turned around and there wasn’t a cab in sight. I got pointed in the right direction and started to walk. Lucas, of course, wasn’t up for a big walk and Olivia had to potty, so we popped into the first civilized establishment, which was some hipster café. Jeffrey came to meet us there.

We got a ride to the L and took that too 8th to transfer uptown. Lucas was so sleepy, he just sat down on the floor of the train and Olivia joined him. When we got back, Jeanah came over to visit and eventually Grace came back, too. We ordered room service and had dinner together.

On Saturday morning, everyone met up at Battery Park for a trip out to the Statue of Liberty. The kids were excited and this was was my first trip, too (that I can remember). We stopped briefly at Ellis Island before coming back to Manhattan for lunch (K-town again).

That evening, we all gathered again at Del Frisco’s for the main purpose of the trip, which was to celebrate Dave turning 40. Minwha and Jae came in from Connecticut. We all had a great meal together.

Happy 40th, Dave!

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Spring Break in NYC – Day 3 – MOMATH, POPSUGAR and Anniversary

On Thursday, April 9th, we set out after breakfast to do something with the kids in the city. Our SF friends suggested the Museum of Mathematics, which is just of Madison Square Park. Coincidentally, we ran into Eugine and Ed when we got there. It was a fun place to spend the morning.

POPSUGAR NYC was just down the street, so we met Jen and my parents there for a quick tour. Had lunch at Hillstones right across the street afterwards and then went shopping for some gifts. I’m sure the kids were puzzled how we left FAO Schwartz and the Lego Store empty handed for them. After they grew bored of Saks, I took them to American Girl. They had $26 of their own money to spend. They soon realized that $26 does not go far in that (or any) store. In the end, they took home a cat. I offered to fund the difference to upgrade to a puppy, but they declined. We had fun riding the subway back to Columbus Circle, which conveniently let out right at the hotel.

That evening, Jen and my parents stayed at the hotel with the kids so Grace and I could celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I consulted Jen and decided on Jean Georges for dinner. Grace is obsessed with his wife, Marja, and we’ve enjoyed his restaurant in Hawaii. Purely coincidentally, it was located just downstairs in our hotel. We had a really amazing meal and the service was great.

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!

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