Thanksgiving in NY – 2022

Last year, we attempted to spend the Christmas holiday in NYC and Rye, but we abandoned our plans midway through the week. Things are thankfully different this year, so our Park Thanksgiving was again planned for Addy and Charles’s house. 

Like last year, we spent the front end of our trip in Manhattan. We didn’t have any firm plans, except to see family and friends. Our first night, we saw a big group of summer camp friends in Koreatown. Liv was especially excited to see her cousin, Sara, who stayed with us for a night at the hotel. Thanks, Liz and Clarence for a great dinner!

It was bitterly cold those first few days. Addy and Charles came into the city for lunch at Quality Italian, which is always a must on our NY trip. We also got to see Jeanah for ramen. It was a long way to come see a movie, but Wakanda Forever was worth the trip.

One of the things I wanted to see was the 9/11 Memorial. I haven’t been down there in almost 20 years. Olivia and Lucas weren’t alive then, so I can appreciate that they don’t have the context of remembering it as we do. Still, it sparked a lot of conversation. I think it’s something I need to go see again alone and when it’s less crowded.

We met Grace’s parents and family for soup dumplings on Monday after they arrived. Afterwards, we walked over to Times Square, as Olivia really wanted to see it. We ended our last night in Manhattan with dessert at the hotel.

Tuesday, we headed out to Addy and Charles’s house in Rye. We haven’t all been there for a holiday since 2016, though Grace and the kids have visited more recently. It was mostly quiet time before Thanksgiving.

The Parks were kind to also include the Rhees (mom, Jen and Blue) for Thanksgiving. It was nice for all of us to be together again. I love Thanksgiving dinner and this one was prepared to perfection. Thanks to all the cooks! Sandor was hosting 30+ nearby and was also kind to invite all of us over for dessert for long overdue meeting of the clans.

On Friday, Ana and Bobby brought the family from Ridgewood to Rye to meet up for brunch. This was our first time meeting baby Courtney. She is such a cutie!

On Saturday, Jen hosted a big crew for the U of M vs. OSU game. Big props to Sandor for bringing the boys dressed for the occasion. They have much more spirit than Olivia and Lucas. Jen was dismayed that our flight time conflicted with the game. We missed the last two Donovan Edwards TDs just as we were getting into our car. Is it bad that we’re most thankful for this win?!?

Thanks again to everyone who hosted us this trip. It was really great to be back in NY and see so many family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Christmas at Addy and Charles’s House in Rye, NY

This was a Park Christmas, and critical mass is now on the East Coast. Addy and Charles invited us to stay at their home in Rye for Christmas. We got in pretty late on Friday from Denver and didn’t anticipate the fiasco of La Guardia as neither of us have flown in there in a decade or two. We’re just thankful we made it safely with all our things.

On Christmas Eve Day, Ellie and Sandor invited all the Haus + Rhees over to their place for lunch. All the cousins had fun playing together (until they didn’t – Lucas!). Olivia’s main objective was to get in some Baby Lily QT – mission accomplished!

Grace’s parents arrived so we all spent Christmas Eve together at home in Rye. The kids opened their Christmas presents and were able to play outdoors on an unseasonably warm Christmas Day. Cousin Nick and his family came down from Maryland and joined us for Christmas dinner.

We had a chill day at home the day after Christmas. Ellie and Sandor popped over from Greenwich to check out the NY suburbs. That evening, we went into NYC to celebrate Grace’s dad’s 80th. Cousin Jea and Minwha came in from Connecticut and stayed the night.

Thanks, Addy and Charles, for hosting us! We had an awesome family holiday together.


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NYC with Family and Friends

Before Thanksgiving in Westchester, we spent several nights in Manhattan near Central Park South. Upon our arrival, we went straight to Ellie and Sandor’s place, who were kind enough to host dinner for all the cousins and families. The big kids (Sandor and I) showed the little kids how it’s done in the play room.

Some of our NYC activities are now starting to feel routine:

  • Visit POPSUGAR NY office
  • Ride subway
  • Eat in Koreatown
  • Visit American Girl
  • MoMath
  • Eat in Koreatown

Grace and her family had dinner one night with Dave’s boss, so I got a pass and had dinner with Linda. After Thanksgiving, we came back into Manhattan for a couple nights. We went straight to Jen’s where she and my mom had been preparing for a big Ohio State vs. Michigan game party. The food was plentiful and delicious. The football was terrible. All the cousins came over as well as Jon Arney and Linda, Danny and the Kids. Olivia can’t get enough of her little baby cousins.

Afterwards, we drove out to NJ to visit Ana and Bobby at their beautiful new home out in Ridgewood. It was great to see the kids and the family in their new suburban lifestyle. The kids enjoyed playing together in their new spaces.

Lucas wasn’t feeling well on Sunday, our last day in the city, so he and I stayed home while Dave, Grace and Olivia went to meet Joon and Bianca. Lucas bounced back and was able to rally for one last meal with Dave at Mastro’s. It was excellent.

We didn’t get to see everyone we wanted to on this trip, but I’m sure we’ll be back soon and often. Of course now there’s pressure to join all our siblings in NY, but I really don’t see that happening. We’re always up for a visit, though.

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Thanksgiving in Rye

Addy and Charles moved to Rye in Westchester County this past Summer and have been settling into their new home. We no longer have a critical mass in California, as all our siblings now live in NY. They were kind enough to host both the Parks and the Rhees for Thanksgiving last week.

Lucas and Olivia have been especially missing Cameron and Delaney and were so excited to see them. There were many fun things to explore on the property, not the least of which were the trampoline and a pre-historic rock, which I understand took the better part of a year to demolish. The new house is beautiful.

I left the house one time in the several days we were there. We all stayed on California time, so there was a lot of sleeping and napping at odd hours. The one time we did leave, we went to White Plains to see a movie and Mamaroneck to pick up a pizza. Other than that, I didn’t get to explore the area much, especially Rye proper. Next time!

We had a great Thanksgiving together with all the families. Thanks, Addy and Charles, for being such great and gracious hosts. There’s discussion of a destination Thanksgiving next year.

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NYC For The Holidays – Day 6: Skating with Kerith’s Family on Long Island

December 26, 2013

  • We drove out to Kerith and Mark’s house in Lloyd Harbor on Long Island for lunch with their family. Visiting their home brings back so many fond memories, including the summer we first met as well as their wedding, which was held there. It was wonderful to see Kerith’s mother, too.
  • Kerith has been playing hockey the past several years and Thea and Kiara figure skate. Kerith found some skates that fit Olivia, Lucas and Grace, and they took us to their club for the afternoon. It was the first time Olivia and Lucas went skating. They did great and went out for several sessions with breaks in between. As always, it was great to see their family and catch up and we’re so grateful that they hosted us for the day.
  • When we returned to the city, Grace wanted to go straight to dinner. Conveniently, the only places right around there were Korean food. We ended up at one of our favorites, Gahm Mi Oak. Olivia went to town on her food and tried a couple new things. Lucas … not so much.

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Grace’s Birthday Trip – Part 3: NYC

On Friday, March 30th, we had an 8:30am flight from Charles de Galle. This was the only leg of the trip that Grace had not guessed. The last leg was partially guessed because she checked into a flight a few weeks ago and saw our final flight home from Florida in her itineraries. Therefore, when we checked in for a flight to NYC, I’m sure she was a little puzzled. It was a nice flight back and I urged her to try to get some rest and also not eat too much before we landed, which gave it away a little.

Even after we gathered our bags and got through customs, I said, “Okay, where’s Air Canada?,” and she started to head to the connections desk, but I finally told her we were heading to the curb to get a cab. I only gave the address and after a long ride through heavy traffic, we arrived at The Four Seasons. It was our first time staying there and only upon arriving did I realize the Joel Rubuchon restaurant was located inside. Grace asked if that’s where were eating, but I said no.

We couldn’t check in right away, so we decided to have lunch. Grace was craving asian food, so she played that card. We went to momofuku má pêche. During our meal, two people sat down next to us and I heard “Jason?” It was my good friend, Ole, who was in town from London on business. Even though he moved from SF only a couple years ago, it had been a long time since I had seen him, so it was a great coincidence.

We shopped a little around mid town and then went to the hotel to settle in. Grace had made a spa reservation for the afternoon, but decided to move it to Saturday morning. She napped (which was good) while I went out to run some errands and do some shopping. I decided it was too much trouble to do laundry on a tight turnaround, so I just bought some essentials.

I told Grace that her brother, Dave, was flying in from China that night (true), so would have lunch with him on Saturday. I said we were just meeting Jen for dinner (not true). We had to wait a while for a cab, which was good because it delayed us just enough. I only gave the address and I thought once we entered the restaurant, she would know something was up because we’d never normally eat at Morton’s for dinner. After meeting Jen at the bar, we were asked to be seated and just then, Patty walked in and I waved her off (which Grace subsequently told me she saw). As we walked toward the back to a private room, she knew something was up and she was surprised by 25+ of our family and friends, many of whom traveled from CT, DC and even SF! We had a great dinner together and I was really pleased about the surprise. Thanks to everyone who joined us for a memorable evening and especially to Jen, who helped a lot with the planning, flowers and details. Afterwards, it was raining, so we decided the afterparty would be at the bar next door. Dave, Sandor and Grace took advantage of the karaoke and there was a lot of yawning going on with the old people (JT). I felt good that we continued to shut down places wherever we went.

Saturday morning, we had a quick breakfast at the hotel and Grace went to the spa. I met with Jea and Eddie and we drove together to visit Bobby’s new baby son, Caden, and Ana, who wasn’t able to make dinner. He’s super cute and is already holding up his neck (he gets a strong one from his dad).

Grace played the asian card again and we went to K-town to meet Jen and Dave before Jea and Eddie had to drive back to DC. We did a little more shopping before heading back to JFK for the last leg of our trip. It was a quick and fun 33 hours in one of our favorite cities with many of our favorite people.

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I took the redeye to NYC last Tuesday night to spend a few days in the city before Bobby’s wedding. I was a little pre-occupied with wedding details, but managed to get out and see some friends and family.

Never enough time…

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On Saturday, May 29th, we embarked on a week-long trip to the East Coast. Olivia was a little restless as a toddler. Lucas at 18 months does not like to sit still for 5 minutes, so I was a little worried about a 6-hour transcontinental flight with him. He was as active as he could be, given his seat was our lap, but overall he did great. They both slept for a little over an hour, which helped. What didn’t help was that although we landed 30 minutes early, we weren’t able to de-plane until we were 15 minutes late – further evidence that JFK is the worst airport in the world. Virtually every trip to or from there convinces me of it.

When we finally did get off, we had the stroller loaded with both kids and assorted gear. We got into the tiniest elevator to go to baggage claim, and Danny Glover decided to squeeze in with his Smart Carte and contorted his way in so the door could close. He was nice enough to hold the door for us as we got out. Coincidentally, this is the second time I’ve seen him on a SFO to JFK flight.

First stop, Tenafly, NJ to spend the weekend with cousins and family.

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