Labor Day in Tiburon

Teresa and Ulrik invited us over for a Labor Day BBQ at their amazing house on Corinthian Island, which is right above downtown Tiburon. They kindly also invited their new neighbors, the Moons, who had just moved into their new home the day before. Ulrik prepared hamburgers using his new sous-vide, and finished them on the grill. They were delicious.

It took all afternoon, but Grace finished a bottle of wine. Afterwards, we stopped by the Moons’ new beach house to check it out. They don’t just live “on” the water. They actually live ON the water, as most of the house is on pylons on their private beach. The water, coupled with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and Angel Island make it a very dramatic place to call home. Amazing!

The kids spent their time there searching for sea glass and came home with at least 50 pieces. We’re still going to miss having them in Burlingame, but considering we saw them on day 2 in their house, we’re on track to see them often.

Happy Labor Day!

BBQ at Teresa and Ulrik’s House

On Sunday, April 22nd, we visited Teresa and Ulrik, who were hosting a BBQ. It was our first time visiting their home since they remodeled it (beautiful), and more importantly, it was our first time meeting baby Oliver (more beautiful). They’re heading up to Seattle for the summer, so it was nice to see them off.

We stopped in Sausalito for ice cream at Lappert’s and then made a stop at Theresa and Matt’s house in Mill Valley to see them and say hi to Bear.

On days like that, I always wonder why we don’t live in Marin. Grace???