Summer Trip to Michigan with Family

Despite some mild objections (from Lucas), the kids would be going to SJC again this summer. Last year, I took them out a few days early to get them adjusted to the time and to spend time at my parents’ house, which they love. This year, we asked my parents if they could spend a week there. Jen also joined in the fun and brought her new puppy, Blue, from NY.

We discussed several options to get them to Michigan that first week. I felt they were old enough to fly unaccompanied, but Lucas did not. We considered having our au pair, Ala, take them, but they declined. In the end, I chaperoned them on their Saturday flight and returned home the next day.

Ala went to travel, so it was very quiet at home with just me and Grace. The kids had fun with Aunt Jen, Grandma, Grandpa, and of course, Blue. Olivia taught him many new tricks. Grace went to Michigan the following Friday. I have been encumbered by employment and opted to take the redeye that evening instead.

Grace’s parents happened to be in town, so we had lunch with most of the Hur clan in Ann Arbor. We spent a little time downtown and also stocked up on Michigan gear at M-Den. We spent the rest of the day getting ready for camp.

The kids only had an extra day after camp to spend in West Bloomfield. I did a little home maintenance (there was more to do). The main mission was for the kids (and us) to spend time with their grandparents, which is too seldom these days. I think my dad’s mission was to show us his new driveway.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for hosting us all.

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4th Annual Hur Family Reunion

We’ve been traveling home to Michigan the past few years for a mix of activities, including a family reunion with Grace’s mom’s side of the family. This year, Grace jumped the gun and bought our tickets, but they happened to be for a week that didn’t coincide with other planned activites. We decided to perhaps skip Michigan this year.

It turned out that Grace was also having her high school reunion and her aunt’s 80th birthday party, so we decided to come afterall. Her cousin, Youngjoo, and Il graceciously hosted all of us again for her mom’s party. Not all the cousins could make it, but we still had a great turnout, including Addy and Charles, who came from their new home in New York.

Olivia and Lucas both caught their first fish (Lucas snagged his), and I caught my first fish in almost 20 years. The kids enjoyed a couple days on the lake, tubing, swimming and wave running. We also celebrated Charles’s and Grace’s uncle’s birthday the 2nd day.

Thanks, Kims, for all your hospitality and another great reunion.

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2014 Hur Family Reunion

For the past several years, one purpose of our annual trip to Michigan has been the Hur family reunion. This year, met for bowling and games at Lucky Strike in Novi. Afterwards, everone did their own thing for a bit. We killed some time at 12 Oaks Mall. I haven’t been there in probably 20 years. We all met up again for dinner at Tomukun Korean BBQ in Ann Arbor. It was our first time eating there and it was excellent. We ended the evening at Stucchi’s for ice cream.

It was great to see everyone again. Thanks for all making time and driving from all over. See you next year!

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2nd Annual Hur Family Reunion

We had so much fun having a reunion with Grace’s mom’s family last year, that we decided to try to make it an annual event. On Sunday, August 4th, we all converged at Youngjoo and Il’s house again. Since our last visit, their home has been completely remodled and expanded. It is beautiful. The kids continued to enjoy their trampoline, swings, and sandbox. Il took groups out on their boat and on their wave runner. This continued for two full days along with continuous eating. On Monday, Charles, Addy, David, Grace and I played golf at the University of Michigan course before heading back to Youngjoo’s house. Monday night, Charles, David and I met up with Arnie at the MGM in Detroit. It’s just like Vegas…

On Tuesday, we did some activities in Ann Arbor, which included lunch at Zingerman’s, followed by bowling at Bel-Mark Lanes. We had Korean food for dinner. Afterwards, we all went back to Grace’s parents house for dessert and to celebrate Jae and Charles’s birthdays.

On Wednesday, we went to Angelo’s for brunch and then rested at home for a bit. In the afternoon, we took all the kids to Planet Rock for rock climbing. It was Olivia’s first time, but she seemed to really enjoy it. I’m sure we’ll be doing this more often at home. We had dinner together at Jolly Pumpkin on Main Street. We said goodbye to most of the group afterwards.

Thursday, Addy, Grace and I took the kids to the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor, which is fantastic. We had lunch at Afternoon Delight with Christine and then said our goodbyes. Grace was off to a girls weekend with her high school friends, and I took the kids back towards my parents’ home for the rest of the trip.

We had another great reunion with the Hur family. Thanks to Youngjoo and Il and Grace’s mom for hosting us all. Looking forward to next year!

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Two Days on Gallagher Lake in Michigan

On August 6th and 7th, Youngjoo and Il hosted everyone at their house. It was only supposed to be a BBQ on Monday, but no one was excited about our plans on Tuesday so they graciously invited everyone over again. They have a great place on Gallagher Lake, just outside of Dexter. There was swimming, fishing, wave running, tubing, boating, bbqing, bon firing, and gambling, among other activities. Lucas and Olivia had their first ride on a wave runner before I ever did. I did take the opportunity to try it for the first time – wow, was that fun.

Youngjoo and Il were amazing hosts and everyone had an amazing time. Michigan is awesome.

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