Halloween 2022

Halloween has always been a big deal in our house and also in our neighborhood, which is very efficient for trick-or-treating. People come from all over. Our usual gathering of families was taken over by Olivia and her friends.

Olivia asked if she could have some people over. Some turned into a dozen or so, most of whom rode the train home with her. It took me two trips to the train station to get them all home. It’s a good thing Grace is back in post-pandemic hosting mode. These kids are welcome any time.

Happy Halloween!

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Trick or Treating

Kate and Matt hosted their annual halloween party and it never disappoints. This was the 4th year the BMC playgroup attended. It’s so fun to see the kids growing in size and number!

After trick or treating in their neighborhood, we came back to our new street. Apparently, our neighbors do not mess around either and Halloween is a big event along our block and around the hood. We ran into other friends from the playgroup on the street. We just visited a few more houses before coming home. The kids had just as much fun passing out the candy as receiving it.

My friend, Becca, whom I’ve known since middle school, coincidentally has moved a few streets over on the same block. We went on senior trip together in high school. Since reconnecting, the last time we saw each other was at our 10 year reunion, which was 13 years ago! We’ve tried many times over the years to meet up, as we were both in Northern California, and then serendipity made our families neighbors. They came over a few weeks ago for the Michigan game and I ran into them taking a break from the madness outside our house. Such a small world!


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Halloween Party at Kate and Matt’s House

Kate and Matt hosted their annual Halloween party at their house. They are amazing entertainers and their neighborhood is great for trick or treating. Both Olivia and Lucas love their candy, so it looks like Halloween may be their favorite holiday. It was awesome to see Lucas get in on the action on his last day as a one-year-old!

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