Annual Gingerbread Houses at Amy and Steve’s

Amy has been organizing an annual Gingerbread House activity for our kids for years. This year, she went an extra mile to host this holiday extravaganza at her home. We love this tradition and hope the kids don’t grow out of it too quickly. I think the adults might carry on in any case. Thanks, Amy and Steve!

Gazelle Steam Train Field Trip

On July 30th, we all attended our last Gazelle field trip, which was the annual Steam Train ride at Roaring Camp Railroads in the Santa Cruz mountains. Between Olivia and Lucas, this was their 5th time going together, and because it was our last, the whole family and Kate all attended.

It was a beautiful day to be among the now familiar forest, tracks and picnic area. I think we’re still in denial that our Gazelle experience has come to an end, but as Teacher JP reminded us, the kids can always go back as teacher helpers. We’ll be sure to take them up on that.

Teddy’s Superman Birthday Party

On June 22nd, Amy and Steve hosted Teddy’s half-birthday, which was Superman-themed. Amy is actually Superwoman, having sewed every guest a personalized and sized cape with their first initial. I defy you to even find something like that on Pinterest. Super Steve managed the grill, surveying his fortress of (un) solitude. I got some QT with little Stevie. Great party as always! Happy Birthday, Teddy!

Lucas’s Gazelle Graduation

We’ve been at Gazelle for over four years. Lucas will be there throughout the summer, but on June 11th, we celebrated his graduation with the other big kids at the school. We’ve been very thankful for the experience both Olivia and Lucas have had at Gazelle. We love the teachers and also the community of great families. We hope Lucas will have fond memories of his time there with his friends. We know we will!

Congratulations to Lucas and all the other graduates!

Olivia’s 7th Birthday Party

Today, Olivia celebrated her birthday with her BFFs from school and the city. Grace planned arts and crafts activities at All Fired Up in downtown Burlingame. The kids decorated their own aprons and painted a pottery of their choice. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out after they’re fired this week.

Afterwards, we headed across the street to Il Fornaio, which is our favorite neighborhood restaurant. 23 girls and Lucas sat down for lunch. It could have been chaos, but all the kids were so well-mannered and calm. There was some singing and chanting going on at some points, but the staff and fellow patrons were gracious. It’s possible these kids have outgrown the mini cupcakes because almost everyone wanted seconds. Noted for next time.

We hope it was a memorable day for Olivia and her friends. It was nice to have my parents there with us, too. Great job, Grace!

Happy Birthday, Olivia (again)! Your birthday celebration is officially over.

Gazelle Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

On October 10th, 2013, I went with Lucas on his annual pumpkin patch field trip. I’m already starting to get a little nostalgic about all these years of Gazelle field trips between Olivia and Lucas. I’m realizing this is the last time for each of them, so I hope to make it to as many as possible. What a great tradition.