Dad’s 70th Birthday

Yesterday was my Dad’s 70th birthday and we celebrated at Morton’s in Manhattan. This happy occasion brought together our extended family, many of whom I have not seen in over 20 years! Still, it was an intimate affair and we enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Our cousins, Steve, Thomas and Heidi, all joined us with their respective spouses, Mee Jung, Jane and Bobby. The last time I saw them I was likely in middle school. I was really happy to see them. Their father, unfortunately, was not feeling well, so he and his wife stayed home to watch Heidi’s two girls.

My uncle and aunt came in from Long Island, along with my cousin, Youngsun, her husband, Byung, and their very handsome son, Danny. Their family took me skiing to Vermont when I was younger. My Dad’s cousin from New Jersey also joined us. Finally, the team would not have been complete without all of Eemoh’s family. We were glad that Andrew and Halle were also with us to celebrate.

We had a memorable evening together. Dad encouraged all of us to get together more often. Thanks to Jen to planning such a wonderful dinner (Grace and I spread the rose petals).

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