Celebrating Linda and Eddie’s Birthday’s in Las Vegas

Our Vegas crew got together last weekend to celebrate Linda and Eddie’s birthdays. The whole family plus Kate got into Las Vegas on Wednesday, September 29th, which was Linda’s actual birthday. We were able to meet up late night for a champagne toast at the tables. On Thursday, we had lunch with Bobby, Jen, Linda, Jea and Eddie at Sushi Samba to celebrate Eddie’s birthday together. Thursday night, we joined Linda’s siblings and friends for dinner at Julian Serrano to celebrate her big birthday. The kids had a great time with all their aunties and uncles and also had fun with Kate at the pool.

See everyone again in March???

Free Day in NYC

Okay, nothing in life is free. Grace had to work a full day in the NY office and I had places to go and people to see. So, my parents were nice enough to watch the kids during the day. The catch was that I had to drive them out to Tenafly where they were staying – normally no problem. However, on the way there, I was driving up the 9A and noticed that the entire inbound upper deck was standing still (mostly big rigs – none moving). When I got on the upper level, I could see people standing outside their cars, not a good sign.

Now I was worried about how I was going to get back. I got some navigation assistance from Eemoh and followed them, only to be diverted by the police with a roadblock, which sent me further west into NJ. Eventually I got off and meandered my way locally to a freeway that did dump me inbound on the lower level, but it was bumper-to-bumper and slow-going. After almost 3 hours, I made the round trip.

Highlights from my/our adults-only day in Manhattan:

  • Lunch with my long-lost college friend, Sylvia (aka, “Sly – she successfully eluded the camera), with whom I was reconnected by “the facebook.”  It’s been almost 17 years, since I’ve seen or heard from her, so we had a lot of catching up to do. She works at the Travel Channel, and sent me home with a bag full of tchotchkes. So great to catch up!
  • Met Bobby in SoHo for coffee (iced – it’s hot)
  • Rode the subway (just for sport) up to Grand Central and stopped by the Sugar NYC office at 275 Madison. It was late in the day, and thankfully, Gabby and Alexis were holding down the fort (and there to let me in!)
  • Coincidentally ended up at Saks where Jen and Grace were meeting after work
  • Had dinner with Sueann, John, Linda, Danny, Jen & Grace at Bar Americain. The last time we ate there together, Bill Clinton swooped in for a quick bite.
  • Excused myself early from dinner to make the trek back out to NJ to pick up the kids. Much less eventful on the return.


Great day! I need at least another week here.

Visiting Linda and The Kids

After the museum, we walked over to Amsterdam for lunch at Good Enough To Eat. Linda invited us over, so we walked to her place on Broadway. The kids played with Elliott, Oliver and Phoebe and helped them eat 3 cans of Graduates. Wait, didn’t they just eat lunch?

Golf and Swimming at St. Regis with Chais

The first and only time I golfed at the St. Regis was for our wedding and I was operating on about 2 hours sleep. Thus, our 7:07am tee time didn’t seem so bad. Coincidentally, Danny and Linda were our playing partners that round, so it was appropriate that Danny played with us that morning. Linda was brave to let Danny play and hang out with the 3 kids alone, but she also traveled alone with them to Michigan the week before, so this was nothing. It was a gorgeous day on the course, which was playing somewhat angry (pins were tucked in all the corners).

Afterwards, we went to get the kids and Kate and returned back to the St. Regis for lunch with both families. It was our first time back since our wedding and this time we were able to enjoy a more relaxed pace. Olivia had fun running around the grounds. After lunch, we all went swimming and enjoyed popsicles poolside. Lucas enjoyed lounging as well.

What a great day and how lucky to hang out with Linda, Danny and the kids on their SoCal vacation. Let’s do it again soon!

LegoLand with the Chais

Our first big adventure in the OC was a trip to LegoLand. It was our first time at a real theme park with the kids. Kate was with us and took Olivia around for a bit while we waited for Linda, Danny and the kids to show up. It was our first time meeting Phoebe Chai – such a cutie. The boys are way big now. When there was a minimum height, it was minimally 34″. Based on my independent measurement, she didn’t scare 34″. I was anxious in every line and sure enough they measured her. They feigned scrutiny and then let her go. She’s going with platform shoes next time. We got passes for the year, so we’ll try to make it down there again.