7th Annual Carey Dads’ BBQ

On Sunday, June 4th, Adam, Justin and I hosted our 7th annual BBQ for The Carey School. The first year, Adam hosted a small group of dads to sample IPAs and three different types of ribs. We’ve hosted the last six years at our house as the group has grown to 30+ dads. These guys are taking time out of their busy Sundays, away from their families, to eat meat and drink beer – it’s all for the children.

As Rick said, this is the real Father’s Day. Rick, along with Albert and our emeritus attendee, Mark, have dutifully attended all 7 years. For that, they were given special recognition in the form of a frame-worthy Certificate of Appreciation, as well as a sampler of carefully curated ales.

Special shout out to all of our wives, who actually do all the work (seriously, Grace does all of mine and Adam does zero work). Also, thanks to Tatchu, who came over after Operetta to learn the ways of the Kalbi Jedi from Grace.

Although I believed I had one more year of BBQ to transition, we’re leaving The Carey School a year early. So, for Adam, Justin and I, this was also our swan song. Thankfully, we’ve already recruited Savinay to carry the torch and hopefully recruit some other dads with years of Carey ahead of them (Dr. X!).

Seriously, this has been the highlight and the epitome of the Carey Community. I have no idea if the kids had any fun at school, but I definitely made many great friends and memories with these guys. Thanks to all their better halves for signing them up for our event.

We’ll miss you all! Go, Carey Eagles (and Warriors)!

6th Annual Carey Dad’s BBQ

On Sunday, June 3rd, Adam, Justin and I hosted our 6th annual BBQ for the Carey dads. Justin upped his game this year with his barrel smoker due to his PTSD of not cooking enough ribs last year. This year, he finished 12 ribs just in time for dessert (jk). Adam’s beef ribs were awesome and Grace’s Korean galbi short ribs were prepared with extra love.

Thanks to all the dads (and wives who signed them up) for coming out to support our school and community. See you next year!

5th Annual Carey Dad’s BBQ

On Sunday, June 5th, about 30 Carey dads joined us for our 5th annual pay-to-play fundraiser for the school. Some things were dialed up a notch, including Adam’s beautiful new beef brisket. Justin needed three grills to cook his amazing pork ribs (his Weber and two BGEs – thanks, Posse). Grace again did almost all the work on our end. She had to fly to Singapore the night before and crushed as much as she could before she left. My mom gets the assist for finishing the sides day-of. I did personally massage each piece of Korean Kalbi, so I’m not completely useless.

Thanks, everyone, for another great event. We still have a few more good years in us. Until next year.

2016 Carey Dads’ Ribs and Beer BBQ

On Sunday, June 5th, Adam, Justin and I hosted our 4th annual BBQ pay-to-play for The Carey School. We have it pretty dialed in now, and everyone just shows up with their ribs and supplies. There was some concern we might lose some attendance due to the Warriors game, but only one dad had tickets (good excuse) and everyone else was able to enjoy the game during dinner.

We had a great turnout with many long-time attendees as well as a lot of new dads. Almost everyone stayed late to watch the end of the game and hang out. It was another successful event … which we do of course for the children.

3rd Annual Carey Dads’ BBQ

Yesterday, Adam, Justin and I hosted our 3rd annual BBQ benefitting the Carey School. We had 25 awesome dads (and Tachu’s brother from Guatemala) join us to sample several types of ribs and IPAs. Somebody has to do it for the sake of the children.

I feel like each year it gets better and better. Special shout out to Tom who brought some amazing chicken, and Amy, Angie and Grace, who all pitched in, too (Grace actually did all the work for Team Rhee). Thanks to everyone for their continued support and encouragement. We’re already looking forward to next year.

2nd Annual Carey Dads’ Rib Feast and Craft IPA Beer Tasting

Adam, Justin and I hosted the 2nd Annual BBQ, which was an auction event benefiting the kids’ school. Adam prepared his Texas-style beef ribs and procured his hand-picked IPAs for five flights of beer. Justin prepared a shrimp appetizer, BBQ pork ribs and a berry crisp for dessert. Grace prepared Korean kalbi short ribs, potato salad and cole slaw. I built fire.

Actually, thanks to Posse, I built two fires in our Big Green Eggs. Last Friday, I borrowed Kate’s pickup and Ben and I manuevered and lifted his 200 lb pride and joy into the truck. Jackson, Michigan-style, he rode in the back of the pickup for the short drive back to our house.

We had a great turnout this year with many returning as well as several new participants. I can’t think of a more fun way to support the school. Thanks to everyone (or their wives!) for signing up this year. I, for one, am already looking forward to next year!

Carey BBQ

On Sunday, May 19th, Justin, Adam and I hosted a BBQ + IPA tasting fundraiser for a bunch of Carey dads. We prepared a trio of ribs (beef, pork and Korean short ribs). We had an awesome turnout of great guys supporting an important cause for all of us. Looking forward to doing it again next year! Thanks to Amy and Adam for hosting us all at their lovely home.