Kellogg Potluck & Poker

On November 24th, we invited the Kellogg gang over for a holiday potluck. It was great to get everyone together, especially the newlyweds, Rhonda and Ky. We had a big game of no limit hold ’em until late into the evening. Jon got the best of everyone. Erich claimed to not know what he was doing, but came in second place – “so a flush beats a straight?” – sure.

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Michigan vs. OSU

On November 20th, we had the whole Michigan gang over for the big Michigan vs. OSU game. All of the hype leading up to the game proved to be warranted. And, the passing of our beloved Bo turned the drama up to 11. In the end, we came up short. However, it was a classic game, which we could have (and should have) won. Go Blue!

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Dinner with Liz, Jeff & Benjamin

Sunday, June 4th, after way too long, we finally got together with Liz and Jeff for dinner in Burlingame. Benjamin napped through the first part of dinner, but we were glad that he woke up later to greet us. He’s a super-cute little guy who sure loves his mom and dad.

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