WB Reunion in La Jolla

On Sunday, December 28th, we headed down to La Jolla after golf. Kristen and Scott graciously hosted the WB guys at their beautiful new home in La Jolla. All of the kids are growing up fast. Baby Stella is super cute and sweet. Poppy the puppy was a big hit (with me, anyway). Our kids will continue needing some conditioning.

Thanks, Sahams, for a great evening with old(est) friends!

New Year’s Trip to San Diego

After hosting both the Parks and Rhees over the holidays, Grace needed a vacation (especially from cooking). We spent New Year’s Day at Addy and Charles’s house. In what could have been an ill-advised decision, we left their house in the East Bay around 3pm to drive all the way to San Diego. Even as we were on the road, I kept having thoughts of taking a detour to the airport. We powered through it and the kids were great. We thought they would eventually sleep around bedtime, but they were wide awake as we pulled into the US Grant around 11pm. They stayed up until midnight and thus we remained on a late schedule througout the trip.

Every morning we slept in and had breakfast at the hotel. Each afternoon, we did a fun activity, which was the right amount of time for them (and us). We hit Legoland, Seaworld (first time) and the San Diego Zoo. Although a little chilly at times, I still think it’s more comfortable in January than the last time we visited during the summer.

We had a nice dinner with Soo and George after Legoland. On the 2nd night, Dave came down from LA and we met up with Steve for drinks. On Friday, we both Vickie and Steve met us for dinner in the Gas Lamp.

It was a perfect short getaway for both the kids and us. I had more pictures of our friends, but unfortunately, I lost my Leica the first night (huge bummer). A great start to 2013.

West Bloomfield Reunion at Kristen and Scott’s House

On Saturday afternoon, Kristen and Scott hosted a BBQ at their house in La Jolla, and by BBQ, I mean they brought in some authentic Kansas City ribs, chicken and brisket. They overestimated how much Steve and Chris would put away. We had the whole gang there, including Joanne, Andy and their two boys (their daughter had a sleepover), who came down from Irvine. This was the first time this whole group was together since our wedding.

Kristen and Scott’s backyard is full of fun activities for the kids. We took advantage of the cooler weather and their new fire pit to make some smores. Before we left, the girls broke into the costumes, which made it difficult to pry “Princess Olivia” from the action. Princess – uh oh…

Thanks to Kristen and Scott for hosting all of us.

Dinner in the Gaslamp District

On Friday evening, we arranged for a sitter to come to the hotel to stay with Sebastian, Eve, Lucas and Olivia in the Feles’ suite. We drove over to Kristen and Scott’s house and from there the six of us went down to the condo Laura and Chris rented downtown. After drinks, we walked down to Blue Point in the Gaslamp district. Dinner was excellent (and surprisingly quiet).

Afterwards, we went over to Vickie and Steve’s condo at Petco park. This isn’t the first property they’ve owned near the park, but it is the first one inside the park. Steve described the elaborate method he used to determine the optimal unit to purchase with the best views while the development was only a hole in the ground (balloons and long string were employed). They use it mostly to entertain and also donate their space to many local charities throughout the season. It seems to keep them very busy. Their philanthropy is admirable.

Everyone enjoyed an adults-only night on the town. When we got back, we determined that the best way to transfer Lucas back to our room was to wheel him away in his pack-n-play. He never stirred.

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