Skiing in Tahoe with The Moons

Clara and Mike invited us up to Tahoe for the long weekend. This was our first trip to their new home during the winter. Everyone was excited about the five feet of snow they got the week before, but it was very warm on our first day of skiing with very soft conditions.

On Sunday, it was raining hard all day at the house, but you could see it blowing hard up on the mountain. We ventured out around 1pm to make the most of it and once we were above the snow line, it was pretty good. The great news was that snow lasted all night long and we woke up Monday to fresh and dry powder.

We weren’t quite first chair, but got out very early for our crew. It was one of the best days I can remember in Tahoe and we took advantage to explore some of the glades. We got a little low, skiing right around along the boundary at Northstar. Eventually we made it out and Mike had to scoot with his board on his front side because the snow was so deep.

The kids rode the chair by themselves most of the time, so it seems like they’re pretty close to being able to go off on their own (it’s the adults who lead them into uncharted territory). The drive home was horrific, but we didn’t let that ruin our great weekend together with the Moons. Looking forward to self driving cars!