Ski Weekend in Tahoe with Moons

The weekend of January 30th, we spent the weekend in Tahoe with the Moons. The kids are always excited to spend time with Alex and Nico. We shared a really nice condo just across the street from Northstar village, which was super convenient.

On Saturday, the kids spent their first day in ski school this season. Grace also put herself in school and was in a class with just one other person, who coincidentally happened to be a friend and fellow dad from school. All the families met up at the end of the day.

The Moons are building a house in Martis Camp, so they took us to the family barn for dinner. That place is pretty amazing. Olivia did pottery while Lucas took in some Harry Potter. After dinner, Olivia and Grace got in a game of bowling (what?). We also ran into a bunch of other friends from home and Michigan, including the Uppingtons, who were in our original BMC playgroup where we met the Moons.

On Sunday, Grace took the day off from skiing and the rest of us tried to get in some runs together. It was super fun to see the four of the kids going down the mountain together. At the end of the day, we met back at the lodge, loaded up our cars and got on the road while the snow was coming down pretty hard.

It took us a while to get out of Tahoe, and thankfully we missed a 20+ car pileup just East of where we got on the 80. We all met at Il Fornaio in Sacramento for one final meal together before pressing on towards home.

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