Ski Trip to Utah with WB Boys

On Thursday, March 6th, the boys from West Bloomfield met in Utah again for our annual ski trip. This year we were also celebrating Herb’s engagement, which also brought Mike from Connecticut and Andy from retirement. Another new attendee was Herb’s hair – wow!

Friday, we skied at Deer Valley, seemingly because Scott wanted the famous “Deer Valley Turkey Chili.”  It was very good. Friday night, we went into Park City and had an amazing dinner at Riverhorse on Main.

Saturday, we got a much earlier start and were on the mountain at the Canyons by 9:30am. It was a glorious day of skiing and sunshine. Up until lunchtime, the seven of us skied together on every lift. Afterwards, however, Andy and Scott peeled off and then Herb and Mike did, too. We eventually all met up again for the last runs of the day. We skied until the bitter end of the day and my EpicMix said we did 28.5K of vertical, which was pretty respectable.

It wasn’t easy to find a Saturday reservation for seven people, so I booked us at the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet. There was some skepticism from the crew, but six of us enjoyed it very much. Mike will be filing a lawsuit for an improperly shucked oyster.

Sunday, Mike and Andy left early for home. Steve, Chris, Scott, Herb and I went back to Deer Valley for a short day of skiing. We skied hard until lunch time and then went to the world famous buffet at the Stein Eriksen Lodge. It did not disappoint. I think I consumed 8,000 calories in 14 hours (after losing an hour of sleep).

That was the end of our epic ski weekend. Being as how Herb is the last of our friends to get married, I’m not sure what excuse we can come up with to get together again next year, except perhaps 35 years of skiing together since Winter Walden and ski team. See you then!