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  • Christmas in Palm Springs with the Parks


    Christmas in Palm Springs with the Parks

    Grace’s mom wanted to do something “warm” for our Christmas gathering with the Park families (Charles’ parents, too). We spent several days at La Quinta, which was a first for all of us. The pouring rain on day one washed out our golf plans, but we managed to get a couple rounds elsewhere, including Indian Wells, which was beautiful.

    I was really impressed by the stamina of the octogenarians in our group on the pickleball and golf courses! Aside from these activities, the trip was mostly relaxing between meals. Olivia and Lucas got some quality cousin time with Dex and Cameron, which consisted of hours on devices, together.

    Our holiday was super quality family time, which was a great way to end the year.

  • Annual U of M Holiday Party – 2023


    Annual U of M Holiday Party – 2023

    Jenn and Michael graciously hosted our annual holiday party with Michigan friends. Every detail was amazing and we’re especially appreciative of Michael’s 21-hour effort on the brisket. Our potluck was a delicious success, even if everyone brought a shrimp dish.

    Jenn decided the order for our white elephant gift exchange would be by birthday, outing all of those born before Watergate. It was again fairly tame gift exchange, except that Jenn often goes over the $40 limit by $2,000 with all her free Estée Lauder swag. It’s a good thing there wasn’t any La Mer in there or that could have caused a melee. The guys gifts are all equally desirable, including CBD, undies for two, and pre-owned graphic tees.

    It’s always wonderful to celebrate the holidays with this crew. I think we’re all getting better with age. This has been one of the best years in memory to be a Wolverine, but we’re always luck to have such great friends from college. GO BLUE!

    There was apparently a debate over how long this has been going on. It’s possible that we missed one or two when this started, but I have documentation going back to 2010. Who are those kids?

  • Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023


    Thanksgiving in NYC – 2023

    We spent most of Thanksgiving week in NYC and had great times with family and friends. Highlights:

    • Dinner at Cote with my mom and Jen. Almost as good as the first time we went, but still amazing. Ran into two groups of friends
    • Met up with Jeanah, Zoe and Jinny and her girls. Bummed I personally missed seeing Jinny, but glad the families got together
    • Although we had some amazing meals, we also ate a couple on NYC sidewalks. We were lucky it wasn’t raining
    • The family indulged me in checking Billy Joel off my bucket list. It’s not a surprise he still sells out MSG. My grandfather gifted me my first CD player from Japan, but I couldn’t afford any CDs. I went to the public library and the first CDs I borrowed were Billy Joel’s Greatest hits Vol 1 & 2. This was almost 40 years ago and he’s still belting out these tunes and more today
    • Jen and my mom cooked a beautiful Thanksgiving lunch with all of our favorites. We have a lot for which to be thankful, especially having each other
    • After a rest, we headed out to Tenafly for Thanksgiving 2.0 at the Haus. It’s always fun to be with the cousins and Olivia couldn’t get enough of Spencer, even if he had enough of us
    • Ess-a-bagel: overrated and not worth the wait
    • Fastest tour ever of NYU
    • Thankful for Ana and Bobby trekking into the city for a late dinner. Courtney did not crack a smile, but I think she will warm up to me
    • Thanksgiving 3.0 leftovers at Jen’s while watching OSU vs. Michigan. Another amazing game and victory, even if a little too stressful at the end. GO BLUE!

  • East Coast College Touring


    East Coast College Touring

    We explored a few new cities/college towns while we were on the east coast before Thanksgiving. We enjoyed all of them and the campuses were impressive in their own way. The highlight was a too-brief lunch with the Milano-Sessines in New Haven.

  • Golf Weekend with Eddie


    Golf Weekend with Eddie

    Ed and I haven’t had our usual run-ins on the mountain or in Michigan this year. I haven’t seen him since he visited last December for a concert. He came out last weekend for some fall golf and it was spectacular (the weather, not the golf). Glad we finally got to hang out.

  • Lucas’s 15th Birthday


    Lucas’s 15th Birthday

    Happy 15th Birthday, Lucas. Sorry you had to spend your birthday leading parent-teacher conferences and being under the weather. Looking forward to celebrating more with you and your friends. We love you!

    What are the chances he’ll need AirPods for his birthday next year?

  • Happy Halloween – 2023


    Happy Halloween – 2023

    It’s still a thing.

  • First Visit to Seattle


    First Visit to Seattle

    The kids had a long weekend, so we went up to Seattle for a quick trip explore the city and visit UW. Besides Grace, this was our first time visiting Seattle (it has long been on my list).

    Everyone we saw told us how lucky we were about the weather, which is suspicious because it was in the 40s and bone chillingly cold. The clear skies were very welcome and thanks to my buddy Craig, who gave us the inside scoop to visit Columbia Tower next to our hotel instead of the Space Needle. We could see the beauty of all of Seattle from up there and Lucas was especially impressed.

    Cameron is a first year at UW and randomly ran into us on our tour. All of us thought the campus was very beautiful. We had dinner with Charles, who was also in town, along with Grace’s cousins, Eugenia and Christine and their families.

    We went for a short visit to Pike’s Place Market, which was fun to see in action. There were long lines for most worthy attractions, but we didn’t have time for them. I’m sure we’ll come back again sometime – hopefully for a Michigan football game.

  • Fall U of M Trip to Tahoe


    Fall U of M Trip to Tahoe

    Matt invited the crew up to Tahoe for another spectacular fall weekend a couple weeks ago. It was a lot like last year, but with less smoke and more hiking. Watching Michigan football is a lot less stressful these days.

    Blaine kept us well fed. Greg tried to catch some surf with the Fred Steaks he brought, but those critters are too smart. The polar bear club was a lot tougher before jumping in.

    Another great weekend with the guys in the books. We’re getting really good at this. GO BLUE!

  • Amy’s 50th in SF – 80’s Theme


    Amy’s 50th in SF – 80’s Theme

    Somebody was ready for a big night out.