The Holidays in Southern California

Grace and I drove down to LA to spend the holidays with her family. Addy, Charles, Delaney, and Cameron came in from Kansas City and David came in from Philadelphia. It was my first time seeing Cameron and Delaney gets bigger and bigger every time I see her. The big bonus was puppy sitting for Ann and Jeremy’s new puppy, Murphy. He is a great little dog and everyone was pleased to have him around. Launches!

If this is your first time visiting, it is likely that you recently received our “save the date” cards – the first of our direct mail wedding marketing materials.

Grace has been on me for months to get this website done and has several times suggested that we hire someone else to do it, or worse, have one of those automagically-generated wedding websites. Being the do-it-yourself-er for all things not requiring heavy machinery (though I’m thinking of putting a John Deere on the registry, as it is likely to be at least as useful to me as china), of course I had to build it myself.

As you may already know, I enjoy taking pictures – mostly candid shots of friends doing things they won’t remember or would rather forget. I’ve driven a lot of traffic to oFoto over the years, so I figured it was time to archive all of those digital memories on a site of our own.

Although we have shared so many wonderful experiences with family, friends, and each other over the past several years, we are certain the best is yet to come. Therefore, we hope that you’ll visit often. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date!

Until then, you can find everything related to wedding by clicking here.

Best Wishes,Grace and Jason