Olivia’s First Haircut

We’ve been wondering what to do about Olivia’s hair for quite some time. We were attached to her baby hair when she was younger, which seems to have disappeared. Unfortunately, it wasn’t replaced with much, which does not compute b/c both me and Grace have a lot of hair (knock on wood). On Saturday, we finally took her to get her hair cut. Coincidentally, we ran into Ben and Mason, who was also getting a trim. Handsome guy he is.

I also took a video of the whole thing and didn’t take the time to edit it down, so it’s 7 mins start to finish if you’re interested.

2 Replies to “Olivia’s First Haircut”

  1. Wow! She sure handled this like a big girl. Even I’m not that patient during my haircuts. Lucas looks like he’s having a grand old time in the background (snore!).

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