Olivia’s 8th Birthday Party

On Saturday, January 10th, Olivia’s school friends helped her celebrate her birthday. She’s been into Roald Dahl and requested a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed party. Really, she just likes candy.

Kate took the helm to plan the party and everyone pitched in to get ready. Olivia wanted a jumpy because she never had one before. Lucas had a serious face-plant before the party started and was out of commission for the rest of the festivities. I think this is our last jumpy.

There were several candy stations, as well as cotton candy and chocolate-covered strawberries and marshmallows, which the girls were able to decorate themselves. The girls started watching the Johnny Depp-version of the movie before heading outdoors to a relay race. Three teams competed at five stations and everyone was a great sport, especially the girls who volunteered for the whipped-cream-pie-candy-thing. All participants enjoyed “fizzy lifting drinks” after the competition.

After lunch, the girls finished watching the movie and played outside. My only contribution was making the cotton candy (and taking pictures). Thanks to Kate, Grace, Lucas and all of Olivia’s wonderful 2C friends who helped her celebrate. Sorry to all the parents for sending home so much sugar!

Olivia already said that next year she would like to invite the boys, too.

Happy Birthday, Olivia! We love you.

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