NYC For The Holidays – Day 3: Shopping and Dinner with Camp Friends

December 23, 2013

  • Grace had to get on a call in the morning, so the kids and I headed out in search of breakfast. The rain made it a little tougher, but we ended up at Macy’s where they had something for everyone.
  • We met Jen and my parents at FAO Schwartz before lunch.
  • Aborted attempt to have lunch at Todd English food court at the Plaza Hotel. Ended up at … wait for it … Korean food in midtown.
  • Jen took the kids back to her place to make cookies so Grace and I could (attempt to) finish our shopping.
  • Failed mission to 30 Rock, but got to see the tree.
  • We went back to FAO Schwartz and knocked out a bunch. Afterwards we walked over to the Time Warner Center and (thought we) finished!
  • Grace went up to Jen’s to have dinner with them.
  • I met my camp buddies (Bobby, Jeanah, Christine, Zoe, and Chae) at Vezzo. It was also nice to finally meet Chae’s husband, David.
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