Mother’s Day with Moons at Ritz-Carlton SF

Grace and Clara had an early appointment for mani-pedis on Mother’s Day. Mike and I joined and met at Crepevine for breakfast with the kids. We ran into Grace downtown and she and Clara decided to extend their moms morning to go shopping in the city before brunch. We went home to regroup and make ourselves presentable before heading up to the city. Starting with the seating logistics, things were a little hectic. There were a lot of line changes, but luckily no one ended up in the penalty box. By the end of brunch, however, all the kids were running around outside and I’m amazed no one fell into the fountain. It’s unclear whether or not we’ll be invited back. Actually, the entire affair was lovely and hopefully Grace and Clara enjoyed themselves and their day. The kids definitely had fun.

Happy Mother’s Day to Grace, Clara, all our mothers and all of our mom friends out there!

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