Memorial Day Weekend with Family & Friends

Charles was in town for work and Addy brought the kids for the long weekend. Grace planned a girls weekend in Half Moon Bay with her mom and sister, so Charles and the kids stayed with us for the weekend. Delaney and Cameron were quite busy visiting their old friends in the East Bay, so we didn’t see them a lot.

We were quite industrious on Saturday. Olivia wanted to make cupcakes and we managed to do so from scratch (except the frosting and red hots). Charles and Cameron were going to join us for dinner so I invited the Moons over, too. I haven’t really hosted a BBQ by myself, as Grace is always the head chef and I’m just the first starter. I did my best.

Somewhere in there we got in a bike ride. Lucas decided his loose tooth was bothering him too much, so we yanked it before bed time. It was a fun-filled day.

On Sunday morning, the ladies came back from HMB and the kids got to see grandma before she returned home to LA. We all headed to San Francisco to have brunch with the Chans. Then, we walked down to the Ferry building and met up with Bobby’s family briefly before heading up to Tiburon to swim at Casa Luna. The kids are really into Terraria right now. I don’t know exactly what they’re doing, but they seem to do it well together (with occasional reading and movie breaks).

Charles, Bobby, Erich and I golfed Half Moon Bay on the holiday. The kids spent the day with their cousins and we ended the weekend with Korean food by Grace. Great weekend.

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