LEGOLAND with Feles Family

On Wednesday, July 14th, we started to head down south from LA. We left Grace’s parents’ house in the morning and stopped in Huntington Beach, where Grace had to meet a colleague. Her daughter, Sarah, helped entertain Lucas and Olivia at their neighborhood park while we waited. After lunch together at … wait for it … McDonald’s, we were off to LEGOLAND to meet Melanie, Nick, Sebastian and Eve, who had come to our reunion from Michigan.

We went a little “backwards” around the park (i.e., counter-clockwise). The last time Olivia was at the park in November, she barely passed the 34″ mark, which is generally the minimum height for many of the rides. For the medium rides, the minimum was 36″, which both she and Eve exceeded, thankfully. The first ride was a fairly subdued safari car adventure.

We popped out and the next ride was a roller-coaster and without hesitation, all of us were in line. It was a first for both Eve and Olivia and they both had a thrilling ride. My camera was confiscated before we departed, so I had to rely on the iPhone camera, which I almost lost on the first drop. There was some screaming. Eve and Olivia made some noise, too. I thought we may have peaked the second ride in, but the kids had fun all the way around the park.

The best part was that Eve and Olivia were able to go on some rides by themselves. Can’t wait to bring Sebastian and Lucas back when they can ride some stuff, too. Next year???