LA Post Thanksgiving

After Lucas’ Dol, we stayed in LA for a couple days. Highlights:

  • We all went to go see Dave’s new place in Santa Monica. Great bachelor pad – the seller threw in a couple of flat panel tvs among other things. However, 5 levels and no child-proofing did not make for a care-free visit. There was also the furniture issue (or lack thereof), which he solved the next day.
  • Sherri, Jen’s childhood friend, came to visit us at the hotel with her baby, Henry. It was great to see her and meet the little guy. Sherri was very sweet and brought Olivia a cute gift.
  • We did our usual tour of Barney’s and the surrounding establishments – bought nothing. Thanks to Dave for a nice lunch at Barney’s Greengrass.
  • Olivia and I took a walk around Westwood while Grace was at the spa.
  • Grace has some residual Starwood status and got us and my parents a couple of suites on the penthouse floor at the W Westwood– all on points. It was nice and everyone enjoyed it.
Excellent trip.


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