Korea Trip – Part 5: Seoul with the Rhees

On Sunday, April 7th (Day 8), we spent time with my dad’s family, including my aunt, my cousins, and their families. We all met at the hotel and then went to a historic area of Seoul where there are many traditional houses. Like any good tourist trap, we paid to see the inside of one, and realized they had dish washers hundreds of years ago.

It was cute to see the kids play with each other, even though they couldn’t really communicate. Afterwards, we went our for Italian food at Villa Ottimo, which was excellent. It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen this side of my family (though Jiyong and Yeonoo have visited the states a couple times since then). It was great to spend time with them and see how well everyone is. I hope it isn’t another 10 years.

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