Korea Trip – Part 12: Uncle’s 80th Birthday Party

I mentioned that one of the reasons for our trip to Korea was to celebrate my mom’s oldest brother’s 80th birthday (all related through my aunt). On Saturday, April 13th (day 14), we all met at the Imperial Palace Hotel for pictures with the family. The party was actually 3 celebrations: two 70th birthdays and my uncle’s 80th.

Dinner was excellent, and was followed by speeches from each honoree and video tributes produced by the family. One of the persons being celebrated was a well known MBC news anchor, so it appeared his video received some professional assistance (wow). My cousin’s daughter did an amazing job on our family’s video.

It was unclear for what, but at some point Jen won a prize, and all she had to do to receive it was to give a speech. No pressure. Sandor got up voluntarily and gave a typically hilarious speech in perfect Korean, which he learned growing up among the Amish in Lancaster. The audience was befuddled.

This was an amazing gathering for my mom and her family. Looking forward to my uncle’s 90th birthday party.